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PlanetSide 2 Articles

Daybreak Games Hit With Mass Layoffs, Employees Confirm

Daybreak Games, developers of PlanetSide Arena, has been hit with mass layoffs according to former employees on Twitter and Reddit.

PlanetSide Arena Will Disable Teams Mode In All Regions Following Feeedback

It looks like "Teams" mode for PlanetSide Arena will be disabled following player feedback, according to a new tweet.

Planetside Arena Hitting Steam Early Access September 19, Multi-Platform 2020

In a new developer letter, the developers behind Planetside Arena announced the game will hit Steam Early Access on September 19, and go multi-platform in 2020.

Planetside 2 Merging Australian and Japanese Servers August 27

In a forum post, Daybreak Games announced the merger of Australian and Japanese Planetside 2 servers on August 27.

PlanetSide 2 Producer's Letter Celebrates the 16th Anniversary of the Series

The latest PlanetSide 2 producer's letter is out in the wild, this time in a celebratory mood with the recent launch of the New Soldier update and due to the original PlanetSide's sixteenth anniversary. As part of the celebration, players will have the opportunity for some throwback items including armor and weapons as well as be able to enjoy double and quadruple experience events

PlanetSide 2 Updated to Bring DX11 Integration Along with the Refine & Refuel Continent Event

The PlanetSide 2 site has been updated with the latest patch notes that, among other things, brings DX11 integration fully into the game. Developers have said that players should notice performance increases as well as thanks to a number of other technical tweaks.

The New Soldier Update to PlanetSide 2 is the 'Biggest Since 2016'

PlanetSide 2 is getting a massive update on April 25th called "New Soldier". Developers say that it is the biggest update to the game since 2016 and it features a number of updates and improvements that include moving to DirectX 11 and the new Nanite Systems Operatives faction

Latest Update Brings Independence Day Bonus Event & the Annual Summer Event Online

The Planetside 2 forum has been updated with the game's latest patch notes that include a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements as well as two new events: the Independence Day Bonus Event and the annual Summer Event.

New Weapons, the Event System & More Released in Latest Update

PlanetSide 2 has been updated to bring a trio of new features into the game including three new weapons, continent events and the overhauled construction system.

Daybreak Celebrating 15 Years of PlanetSide

Daybreak Game Company is celebrating 15 years of the PlanetSide universe with a series of events covering the week of May 18th through May 25th. PlanetSide 2 players will be able to take advantage of a double experience boost. All Construction items will be 40% off and Throwback Bundles will be available throughout the week that feature some retro-style items including Rexo armors for all factions, the Solid faction alt-camos, the PS1-AV Suppressor and Planetside Veteran decals.

New Patch Launches with Holiday Event & More

Daybreak Game Company has launched a brand new update for PlanetSide 2 that brings the Auraximas holiday event into the game. Players will be facing off against enemy Snowmen in Esamir that grant XP for killing them. In not-so-snowy environs, players will fight Stonemen and all locations can see Golden Snowmen spawn that can drop prize loot. In addition, special themed items will be available.

New Mineral Allows for Almost Instant Building Gratification

PlanetSide 2 has released a new update that brings construction into the game, so don your hardhats and start looking for a new mineral called "Cortium". Special harvesters called "ANTs" (Advanced Nanite Transports) are deployed to collect and refine the ore for use.

The9 Opts Not to Extend Publishing Contract in China

The9 has revealed that it will not extend its Chinese publishing contract for PlanetSide 2 according to a report at MMOCulture. The game will remain available through May 31st. PlanetSide 2 originally launched in 2013 but did not captivate the audience over the long haul.

Now Available on PS4

Daybreak Game Studio is reporting that PlanetSide 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and is a free to play download. Today's opening comes after an extended beta program that assessed server stability, performance and more.

Set to Launch on PS4 on June 23rd

The PlayStation Blog has been updated with the news that PlanetSide 2 will be launching on PS4 on June 23rd in both the EU and in North America.