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Pirates: Tides of Fortune Overview

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a free to play MMO strategy game where players take on the role of a ruthless pirate captain to command their own island, gather resources, and build up their settlement and army for reaping plunder and treasure on the seven seas. Playable in your browser on any PC or Mac, the game plays similarly to Travian, Game of War, or Settlers, but with a nautical fantasy theme that is reminiscent of the golden age of piracy.


  • Havens | Your haven is the center of your Pirating Universe. Here is where you will earn and develop your resources in order to advance the constructions of all of your buildings as you rise in reputation as a Captain.
  • Discoveries | Discoveries provide you, the Captain with technology to advance along the path to greatness on the seven Seas. In order to advance your Discoveries, you must check daily for the allocation within the game of new advancements through Sketches.
  • Resources | The Resources you need within the game are Gold, Lumbar and Rum. You can construct 5 buildings for each resource and then raise the level of each building up to Level 20, for a cost that varies dependent upon the type of Resource.
  • Strategy | The game is designed for you to grow and expand your Fleet and it’s pirate Crew. To do this you must interact with other players and form teams called Brotherhoods. Also, you can perform military actions, conduct diplomacy and trade.
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The storm is coming, Captain! Are your ships ready to conquer the vastness of the Seven Seas? Can your sea devils board any vessel? Set sail and prepare yourself for some rich pickings of wealth and glory with Pirates: Tides of Fortune!