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Pirates of the Burning Sea Dev Closing Down, But It May Not Be the End

Portalus Games is the developer of Pirates of the Burning Sea, but has announced that the studio is closing down effective September 30th due to the departure of Hamled, "the only code writer associated with Portalus Games" and without him, no one else has the skills to write new code. As a result, the remaining developer wanted to give the community 30 days notice because they "believe the first possible replacement for Portalus Games as operator should be with the game community itself."

Registration Opens & New Seasonal Items

Portalus Games, the company that took over development of Pirates of the Burning Sea, has announced that registrations for the game are now open and that the official site is being 'rebuilt' but without a firm date when it will be finished. In addition, the team has announced that, with registrations open, they are in the process of developing seasonal items for the game.

Leaving SOE for Portalus Games

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea will be leaving its stable of MMOs on January 31st. PotBS will be developed and republished by Portalus Games, a new company made up of former Flying Lab Software employees. Characters will be carried over if a Portalus account is linked to the currently existing SOE account.

Our Official F2P Review

We're revisiting Flying Lab Software's seafaring MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea, in our latest official review. Has the game improved since switching over to the free-to-play model? Read on to find out!

A Peek at v2.5

Pirates of the Burning Sea Producer Michelle "Misha" Williams has posted a look at the game's v2.5 patch which is anticipated to hit the test bed later this week. In addition to bug fixes and 'tuning', there will be new additions to the in-game store (Treasure Aisle), new taxes and social features.

Mardi Gras Event Arrives

Mardi Gras has officially arrived in Pirates of the Burning Sea. While the real world equivalent doesn't arrive until March 8th, PotBS players will have the opportunity to participate in the event and even score themselves a peacock pet as a reward. The full patch notes that include the Mardi Gras event have been released on the official site for those who like to know all the details!

Producing Free to Play

Misha over with Pirates of the Burning Sea has rewritten a new DevBlog on the process of taking the game F2P. Check out the article for more information!

Anniversary Update to Deploy

Pirates of the Burning Sea will be updated today to v2.2.83.0, aka the Anniversary Update. The update will prepare servers for the third anniversary celebration scheduled to begin on January 22nd. New content has been added, San Juan, Spain's capital city, has been updated, and new pets have been added to Treasure Aisle. In addition, bug fixes, enhancements and improvements have been included for deployment when the patch goes live later today.

Junkanoo Event Arrives

Pirates of the Burning Sea devs have announced that the annual Junkanoo Event has arrived on all servers. The event will be broken into two parts: Part One: Defend your Nation on the Open Sea and Fun and Games of Junkanoo. Devs have posted overviews of each event along with the schedule.

Now Officially Free To Play

Pirates of the Burning Sea is now officially free to play. All servers are back on line and players can check it out for free as of today, Tuesday, November 30th. Players can also choose to subscribe for $14.99 per month or purchase premium content through the in-game store.

F2P To Go Live on 11-29

Flying Lab and the Pirates of the Burning Sea team have delayed the free-to-play iteration of the game slightly and it is set to go live on Monday, November 29, 2010. Servers will be brought down between 4-9 a.m. PST that day though times are subject to change. When servers restart, POTBS will be free to play!

The F2P Game Plan

Flying Lab recently announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea would be going free-to-play with the arrival of the next major patch cycle. The announcement generated a lot of questions and the team has taken time to answer some of them, though a lot of detail is still missing. It's a start and includes questions about what F2P means for the game, for individuals and what "Treasure Aisle" might encompass.

Going Free to Play

Following on the heels of the Everquest II and Lord of the Rings Online conversions from subscription to free to play, Flying Lab has announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea will be going free to play with the next update later this fall. The announcement was made on the official developer blog and came as a big surprise to subscribers and followers of the game.

Power & Prestige Arrives Today

Flying Lab has announced that the much anticipated Pirates of the Burning Sea expansion will arrive later today. Called "Power & Prestige", the expansion is bring lots of welcome changes including ship overhauls, new content and quests.

Expansion Delayed

Flying Lab has announced that the Power and Prestige expansion for Pirates of the Burning Sea has been delayed to early September. The reason for the delay is the cryptically stated "logistical issues beyond our control".