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Ride a Rad Surfboard While Fighting Pirates

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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With the summer finally here, that also means that Pirate101 is bringing out the summer goods in their Crown Shop. You now can ride a totally rad surfboard for 5000 Crowns. You now can surf while fighting your foes and drinking yum all at once. That would make for one awesome summer in Pirate101.

Not only that, they brought out a new Manticore pet which would likely take a bite out of your thigh while stinging you. That’s how tough it is. You can’t go wrong with one of these at your side. I also wonder about the hybrid possibilities with this one. There are countless theories and all of them are great! You can grab one for 5000 Crowns, then find out what hybrids it could produce. You could be able to find the first hybrid from this pet, which would earn you some bragging rights.

For PvP players, there are brand new Heckhound pets you could collect. There are quite enough options as long as you got the scrip tickets and the rank. I dare you to get the Heckhound Champion pet. Only the best fighters could have one. They have also brought back the Summer Gorilla mounts and the Cat Thug pets. Don’t forget to check out the PvP Summer Weapons which they also brought back as well.

And since the Fourth of July is quickly approaching, Pirate101 has now also released a brand new mount that will show your patriotic pride for your country, the Patriotic Eagle. This majestic eagle with red, white and blue feathers, which costs 4500 Crowns, will speedily take you anywhere you would wish to go. 

And with the new mount, they also have a super awesome Red, Blue & White sale on mounts, companions and pets and even teleporters. You could save up to 50% off on those items. I personally love the Pygmy Grey Whale. Although, Solar Saber Mount is also pretty neat. Actually I love all of them!

The following items are on sale:

  • Solar Saber Mount (Permanent)
  • Astral Unicorn Mount (Permanent)
  • Pygmy Grey Whale Mount (Permanent)
  • Gryphon Mount (Permanent)
  • Thunderous Kirin Mount (Permanent)
  • Buccaneer’s Crystal Unicorn (Permanent)
  • Zang Cha Companion
  • Moresco de Valvida Companion
  • Ebon Spectre Pet
  • Majestic Ibis Pet
  • Mountain Yeti
  • Hammerhead Shark Pet
  • Red Teleporter
  • Blue Teleporter
  • White Teleporter

Be warned, this sale won’t last long. You would have until the 9th to be able to get those items on sale!

Have fun in the Spiral!


Kelsey Fireheart