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Log In to Pirate101's 6th Birthday Party and Receive ARRsome Goodies

During Pirate101's sixth birthday bash, swabbies logging in to the game's site and using the code "sixandsailors" will be able to claim ARRsome gifts. These include a Whole Cake housing item, a 7-day Birthday Lobster mount, a birthday eyepatch, a mega snack pack, the Ashes of Armada Pack and, of course, a pARRty hat.

Ride a Rad Surfboard While Fighting Pirates

With the summer finally here, that also means that Pirate101 is bringing out the summer goods in their Crown Shop. You now can ride a totally rad surfboard for 5000 Crowns. You now can surf while fighting your foes and drinking yum all at once. That would make for one awesome summer in Pirate101.

April Springpalooza 2017

So what happened in Pirate101 for the month of April? You would be surprised that there was quite a lot! Hope you didn’t miss any of it. I know I didn’t miss a second of it. But just in case you missed it, let me recap it for you.

Friendship 2017

For the month of February in Pirate101, you can run around on a cool Friendship Jaguar and buy the Friendship Oni pet to keep you company in battles. Both are brand new additions to the game, never seen before and can be found in the Crown Shop for 4,500 Crowns each. Notice the theme though? Yes, Pirate101 is celebrating Friendships, after all this is a family game!

It's That Time of Year!

Pirate101 has got the holidays in swing with their 12 Days of the Spiral event, which is a cool calendar on their site! As the event name says, it will last only for 12 days and each day, they will reveal something great on the calendar. It could be new items in Crown Shop such as pets and/or mounts, new sale on bundles or free furniture.

Celebrating Its 4th Birthday with Gifts Galore

KingsIsle is celebrating the fourth birthday of Pirate101 from now through November 2nd. During the event, Skull Island will be festively decorated and players will enjoy the gifts showered on them in celebration of the big anniversary.

Test Realm Has Gone Live!

Pirate101 now has a brand new dungeon, the Dreadnaught, in the Skull Island Skyway where you can get neat furniture that you will only see in Wizard101. You also have a chance of getting super cool Haywire Armada weapons.

Plunder the Rogue Dreadnaught to Score Epic Loot

The Pirate101 site has been updated with a new note about a rogue Dreadnaught that has its sights set on the Spiral. Surrounded by a formidable Armada, the Dreadnaught is ripe for plunder when (or if!) groups of players take it down.

Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in October

So, it’s officially going to be October very soon and honestly it’s such a fun month in Pirate101! It may sound like a lot. It is. But it’s a great thing! Here’s my five things I’m looking forward to October in Pirate101.

Adventures in The Morphing Tent: The Salsadillo Hybrid

One of the coolest things you can do in Pirate101 other than fighting, sailing, farming, PvPing, decorating your houses. Yes, Pirate101 has so many diversions you could do to keep you busy! But my favorite is hatching for new and improved pets. To be more specific, finding a new hybrid pet! A hybrid pet means that in Pirate101, you can combine two pets to create a brand new pet that can’t be found in any other way!

Weekly Arrrgust Wrap Report

Wondered what else happened this month in Pirate101? Let me recap the last few weeks.

What happened last week in Pirate101?

Last week for Arrrgust in Pirate101, Pirates could redeem the "lostmehand" code for a free Captain's Hook with a rare chance at getting Captain Blood's Hook weapon. The Captain Blood’s Hook is great for pirates who are Level 35 and above. It’s a rare drop from the Miranda dungeon in Cool Ranch.

PSST, Pirate101 has a Secret…

Pirate101 has posted a Falmea Friday post on their official message boards last Friday which was cheered by many pirates in the spiral. Why do you ask? It had cryptic messages of new things to come soon.

New Astral Unicorn Mount

Last week, Pirate101 introduced a brand new Permanent mount in the Crown Shop - the Astral Unicorn! You now can ride around on a semitransparent purple unicorn who is filled with tiny galaxies. Makes me think of the movie, "Men In Black" and that adorable cat with the galactic charm on its collar.

Not Just a Kids' Game

I love Pirate101. I love playing it every chance I can get. Who can't resist being a pirate? So when I tell my friends that they should try it too. They give me a strange look and they often say, "But that's a game for kids, isn't it?"