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Pirate Arena Overview

Pirate Arena is a web-based real-time strategy (RTS) game with economic and PvP traits in which the players are competing with each other to dominate the Caribbean seas in a historically realistic environment, with respect to the pirate era in the zone, following the historical facts in regards to ships, crew, weapons, ammunition, unit gear, etc. Each player has a character profile that collects experience from battles and quests which increases their level with. Until reaching the level cap of 100, the players will play throughout a set of over 50 maps with many unique quests and enemies.


  • Non-target, no compromises | Sphere 3 combat system provides total freedom of aiming, dynamically calculates the damage and allows a player to quickly pick an optimum attacking ability at a given range with its unique color telltale crosshair.
  • Performance for the masses | Moderate system requirements make Sphere 3 a perfect place for mass PvP action.
  • Epic, exciting and challenging castle sieges Conquering a castle is impossible without using an arsenal of siege weapon and demands a whole list of objectives to be completed by attacker (capture the flag points, wipe out NPC defenders, breach the gates etc.).
  • Unforgiving yet fair PK (Player Kill) and Karma system | PK is not persecuted in numerous free PvP zones, while gathering bad karma points causes an offender to lose both gold and items after death.