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Low level Pyro Bounty Hunter
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Ravenspen writes:

Some fun times in Void Star, dressing up as a Sith Warrior and hovering at the edges of the fight really helped keep from being splatted quite so much, though at 8 deaths I did die a few times... ^ ^ 


The pyrotech has to close to about 10 yards for several of their abilities, but they're a fun mobile class with lots of fire spewing everywhere.

I don't think I've found a class yet that isn't great fun to play in PvP

Sun Feb 12 2012 8:28PM Report
md338l writes:

then start play on republic site, u will find four of them

Sun Feb 12 2012 8:55PM Report
Ravenspen writes: The classes are mirrored, I have a low level gunslinger that I am playing too. On my server there are several good republic players and teams. Sun Feb 12 2012 9:02PM Report
Varthander writes:

Sorry but no, the only mirrored are the jedy's and sith's, the other ones are quite different. maybe they have the same skills but the weapons/gameplay are very different, not enough for me to call it a mirror.

Mon Feb 13 2012 12:59AM Report
nomss writes:

you gotta tell us how you pulled that man :)

Mon Feb 13 2012 5:06AM Report
Ravenspen writes: I was the floater on defence and the one who tied up the other team just after each fight so lots of fighting. I used cover to dart around and block lines of fire and focused on healers with explosive dart, flame sweap, rocket punch, rail shot. They usually die before they switch back to themselves. Everyone I passed got set ablazed and rocket punched as the sniper was on the other door. It is about 100k higher than normal for me. Mon Feb 13 2012 8:26AM Report
ManJunk writes:

Hey look at me I'm awesome... oh wait....

1) Low objective score

2) Low protection score

3) Powertechs aoe... a lot.

4) Looks as though one team had a healer and the other did not

Nothing to see here... move along.

Sun Mar 11 2012 8:12AM Report
Ravenspen writes: If you look closer you will notice plenty of weak healing on both sides. A sub 100k healer is fairly meaningless to winning the match. Pyros have at this level only the samr rocket barage all bhs get for AoE and only the single target dart for protection. That I had any protection output at this level is amazing. I didn't even have my second burn. As to objectives you don't get them holding off planters with burn as you don't stay next to the door. Missing a number of key abilities in this match Sun Mar 11 2012 12:49PM Report writes:
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