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Koreans gearing up for AoC
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AmazingAvery writes:

Neowiz has AoC still in a testing phase where they have apparently changed much of the game to be more familiar for South Koreans and potential launch Q1 2010. Pictures are from a large conference that was held a few days ago. They seem pretty big on it :

Sun Nov 15 2009 1:36AM Report
deviladvent writes:

WTF..they mad that hot chick to fucking asian ? yellows can fuck them self

Sun Nov 15 2009 5:19AM Report
deviladvent writes:

WTF..they mad that hot chick to fucking asian ? yellows can fuck them self

Sun Nov 15 2009 5:19AM Report
tryklon writes:

  Not even a korean launch is gonna save this drowning mentally challenged "boy".

Just put is out of its P2P misery.

Just send that wonderfull lifeguard called Free2Play to get this out out of the ocean. If he jumps fast enough he may even be able to save something.

Sun Nov 15 2009 6:08AM Report
vladakov writes:

 Deviladvent -> racist -> MMORPG please ban? ->  those gurwls are hawt ^^

Sun Nov 15 2009 9:43AM Report
Kelador writes:

@tryklon - AOC will never go F2P if it becomes too costly for funcom to keep alive they will just cut their losses and close the game. But as it stands it is making them money funny enough.

Sun Nov 15 2009 10:34AM Report
astrob0y writes:

hopefully a ban on deviladvent. but that kind of slurs useually goes unotice

Sun Nov 15 2009 10:39AM Report
pekshmaer writes:

ban deviladvent! Where conan looks heh

Sun Nov 15 2009 1:35PM Report
gorillaz951 writes:

AoC is doing just fine right now. I've been playing it for the past few days and it's great. All the servers are at medium-high load all the time and the leveling is much better after the tutorial island. They don't need to make this F2P with the new expansion coming soon.

Btw, those girls look amazing! They're the definition of Hot!

Sun Nov 15 2009 1:42PM Report
Lord_Ixigan writes:

anyone who says those two girls aren't hot is probably gay.

beyond that, AOC in korea will be free to play. That's how all mmo's in Asia work.

Sun Nov 15 2009 3:20PM Report
solareus writes:

i'd hit it :)

Sun Nov 15 2009 9:06PM Report
Valentina writes:

Hope it does well over there.

Sun Nov 15 2009 9:18PM Report
Getalife writes:

The funniest part is that deviladvent is Malaysian himself. Lol

Its just a perfect example of self hate and inferiority complex. Just ignore the Asian dude trying too hard to be white.

Mon Nov 16 2009 7:35AM Report
Argider writes:

For what it's worth, those pictures are all from a Chinese site.  I don't know if the original poster got his countries mixed up, or if it was a Chinese site covering the event.  Either way, the pics look good, and wish Funcom the best of luck. 

Mon Nov 16 2009 10:00AM Report
Reinier001 writes:

its just now launching in Korea? wow. With so many MMO players in that country im surprized they werent one of the first countrys that game was released to

Mon Feb 01 2010 4:58PM Report writes:
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