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Warsaurus writes:

Cyril = Awesome =)

The armor is also over an inch thick in places...At least he doesn't have to worry about arrows.

Mon Feb 28 2011 10:01AM Report
Laughing-man writes:

Hilarious I never even noticed before but yes, that is a lot of shoulder pad.

Mon Feb 28 2011 11:15AM Report
reploidx writes:

Funny statement, he does have a bunch, and he would not be able to see unless turning his whole body.

The historical reason is that high shoulder guards or gorgets added with a helmet would stop you from being decapitated. Someone comes in with a sword or axe, that shoulderplate would be deflecting it away from his head.

Mon Feb 28 2011 12:20PM Report
Harafnir writes:

One more thing... If you wear heavy plate, you would not go out without your helmet, so the "look sideways" would be out of the question anyway. Even if you have soft padding, chances are you would still wear your metal helmet. Heads are kind of important.

But 4 shoulder plates.. No. Nonononono... Many heavy armors had no shoulder plates. 4 of them is extremly excessive. Silly silly armor.

Myself, I am about to build the warrior armor from Dragon Age II. Super shoulder plates!

Mon Feb 28 2011 12:31PM Report
cosy writes:

even w/ a helmet you still can rotate the head 60º

Mon Feb 28 2011 6:42PM Report
Shadowdawnz writes:

I believe there are only two shoulder pads. Still unecessary but its not alot. It's unrealistic but so is the world of fantasy. It's a fantasy game for a reason.

These characters could be 500x stronger then we are. The swords can weight up to 100 lbs or 1000lbs. Unrealistic to our world but not unrealistic in a fantasy world. I wouldn't bother with these details. Unless you are hoping to build shoulder pads looking like that out of metal :)

Mon Feb 28 2011 8:42PM Report
cloudacv writes:

If you want realistic go out side

Mon Feb 28 2011 8:53PM Report
Shadowdawnz writes:

To add to what reploidx said. I believe if they had high shoulder gaurds at the time, it would have been mostly for dueling and not for wars. You clearly would not have been able to see the enemies on any side except infront of you. That would cause you to be useless by exposing the armor weakness.  Again that's the realistic pov. This is fantasy so it doesn't matter.

Mon Feb 28 2011 9:22PM Report
stringboi writes:

See previous comment......

Mon Feb 28 2011 11:57PM Report
cosy writes:

if is a fantasy why use real life elements why dont make it 100% fantasy

Tue Mar 01 2011 7:50AM Report
Styij writes:

Full plate was used primarily from horse back. If a knight got isolated on the ground the light infantry simply zerged him and used long sharp knives at the joints to kill. Although if I remember right knights in this situation were taken alive and ransomed back. Big heavy plate died with the invention of high energy piercing weapons like the Long Bow and canon/agubus not to mention the godly cost to make a suit. I don't think even the Templars used full plate.

Wed Mar 02 2011 5:56PM Report
Raizeen writes:

and what would a 100% fantasy world be to you then? would we never walk on a earth like planet but walk on magic instead? what you said is to retared to even respond to

Thu Mar 03 2011 5:19AM Report
cosy writes:


that will be a awesome concept

Thu Mar 03 2011 1:10PM Report
Raizeen writes:

Fail at trolling?

Fri Mar 04 2011 8:14AM Report writes:
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