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SWTOR World lay-out compared to WOW
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DarkPony writes:

Meant to illustrate one of SWTOR's underlying problems regarding the relatively low amount of random world pvp on pvp servers.


Tue Jan 17 2012 8:36AM Report
QSatu writes:

you mad? you want to mix 2 sides? they should never ever be able to see and interact with each other. They are only there for battlegrounds. And to add some replayability for people to have a choice at character creation.

(the first part was sarcasm ofcource =P)

Tue Jan 17 2012 10:12AM Report
PokemonTrainerRed writes:

Flaming: Engage!

Tue Jan 17 2012 11:09AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Curious about the buries:)

And whether those people burried their own heads along with it.

Maybe its the colors V_V

Tue Jan 17 2012 11:14AM Report
Xerith writes:

Pretty funny even if a little off. I know on Tat there is a few quests that basically have you at the doorstep of a Republic Outpost, almost went running in to it as I saw the map marker for a flight point and nearly got ripped to shreds by the guns. 

We also share questing areas on Alderaan and Corellia, but there needs to be a lot more crossover. 

Tue Jan 17 2012 11:34AM Report
DarkPony writes:


Yeah, there are exceptions, but they are well ... exceptional.

Next to Illum, the only game related activity that really brings you close to your adversaries is datacron hunting I guess. At least that has been my experience after getting around 40 of them; suddenly I found myself in parts of worlds which I never even discovered while leveling.

Also the connections between area's are often doubled: one for each side, rather than shared connections in WOW. That is a biggy too, determining the amount of times you run into the enemy faction.

Tue Jan 17 2012 12:24PM Report
tryklon writes:

Hehe, even the WoW haters unite with the SWTor haters... This is the true fight right here, themepark game vs themepark game. And while both are different they are indubitably the kings of the market.

I just hope more and better companies to develop new themepark games that pick up the good ideas of both this and as well as others and create some great new games.

Tue Jan 17 2012 12:41PM Report
Hrotha writes:

Gamers take their shit way to personal. Ever since. Like: My game = my personality.

Which actually indicates a total lack of personality. But that's just "human" not to see where the own failures lies beneath.

Tue Jan 17 2012 12:50PM Report
Puremallace writes:



Both games suck for world pvp and everyone knows it.

Tue Jan 17 2012 1:31PM Report
DarkPony writes:


I only wrote vanilla because I didn't touch WOW in years. I wouldn't know how much things have changed in this regard post TBC just wanted to compare the world lay out with WOW's. Not saying that it was the holy grail for world pvp, but they did a better job at putting factions in eachother's way.

Tue Jan 17 2012 1:36PM Report
tryklon writes:

@DK & PM

You guys say world pvp sucks, and darkpony says they did better at putting factions in each others way in vanilla wow. But stop and think for a moment.

Was Bioware's intention to put factions on each others way? Maybe it was not.

Was Bioware worried about world pvp? Maybe they are not, and this is just a "Story driven game, focused mainly on PvE" with some pvp options for those who like them without turning pvp its main focus.


Stop pretending this was meant to be a pvp game gone bad, in truth, this is a pve game gone right.

Tue Jan 17 2012 2:32PM Report
KenFisher writes:

Vanilla WoW starting zones didn't have opposite faction quests.  That didn't start until level 10ish (a few) and 20+ (contested zones).

Other than that, diagram makes sense.

Tue Jan 17 2012 2:37PM Report
Reizla writes:

Still don't get the whole black/white 2-faction idea introduced in MMORPG's. The real world isn't like that and in MMORPG's it should not be like it either. Better create a good FFA-PvP system with criminal rules (Lineage II / EVE) and let players make up their own political system...

Tue Jan 17 2012 3:03PM Report
BizkitNL writes:

I'm pretty sure this was all intentional, rather than a design flaw. To each their own? Meh.

Tue Jan 17 2012 5:27PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

i like that illustration. It shows the reality of Swtor in terms of open world pvp, and its sad

Wed Jan 18 2012 3:31AM Report
Shadin writes:

Though playing RP-PvE and though I love the game for many reasons, I still fully agree with this.

It's a fundamental designflaw that I doubt will, or can be, corrected any tim soon (sadly)... I wish they'd given the two factions more possability to interact.

After all, though I don't play WoW any longer and haven't for a long time, some of my fondest WoW moments are vanilla world pvp or cross faction interraction (helping someone from another faction or generally just communicating with them).

Good illustration.

Wed Jan 18 2012 3:46AM Report
Matticus75 writes:

I concur, I play on a PvP server and move the open world PvP was on Voss, and all others non existant

Wed Jan 18 2012 3:56AM Report
Hrica writes:

yea I don't like either. I like western style MMOs like Lineage 2 and Darkfalk

Wed Jan 18 2012 9:35AM Report
Worstluck writes:

I don't care for it either, and I have not pvped once in SWTOR.  Even though I don't bother with pvp (yet), I would at least like to see the opposing faction.  It was not until Tatooine that I actually saw a player of opposing faction.  Kind of lame.

Wed Jan 18 2012 6:44PM Report writes:
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