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Phoenix Dynasty 2 Overview

If you’re looking for an old-school MMORPG and put gameplay features, events and PvP over graphics, then Phoenix Dynasty 2 is just for you!

Asia, North America, South America and Europe servers are coming with English language support! You may download the game and wait for the opening.

  • 24/7 PvP Action| Take part in fierce battles in a game with its primary focus on PvP including village and city battles, caravan trading and raids and much more.
  • Strong Fantasy Setting:| You can travel through single player or team dungeons to take on any one of hundreds of bosses
  • Mounts, Costumes and Interesting World Events | Collect mounts and costumes as well as take part in fascinating world events.
  • No Pay to Win: | There is no scent of pay to win. What's in the shop is cosmetic only.
  • Auto-bot and Auto-Path System: :| Short on time? You can let the game do the walking and fighting for you!
  • Pet System: :| You can collect 'em all!
SponsoredNtroy Introducing the World to Phoenix Dynasty 2 (SPONSORED)

Ntroy has announced the opening of Phoenix Dynasty 2, a game that has launched on four continents. Phoenix Dynasty 2 is an old school MMO that provides players with the features they most look for in a modern MMO experience.

Rising from the Ashes

Phoenix Dynasty 2 is an old school MMO undergoing rebirth in the hands of Turkish developer and publisher Ntroy LTD. Originally developed in China, Ntroy has purchased the game and has been working through test phases over the last year preparing it for full release. In addition to their core Turkish audience Ntroy is also working on English and other language versions and have just launched a global server on Steam. This is our Phoenix Dynasty 2 impressions.

The Story of the Destiny of the 9 Realms

The destiny of the Nine Realms is in your hands, Azurian! Found your dynasty, conquer the fortresses and fight the Darklings of Tianhuang! Phoenix Dynasty 2 is on Steam!


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