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Phoenix Dynasty 2 Overview

If you’re looking for an old-school MMORPG and put gameplay features, events and PvP over graphics, then Phoenix Dynasty 2 is just for you!

Asia, North America, South America and Europe servers are coming with English language support! You may download the game and wait for the opening.

  • 24/7 PvP Action| Take part in fierce battles in a game with its primary focus on PvP including village and city battles, caravan trading and raids and much more.
  • Strong Fantasy Setting:| You can travel through single player or team dungeons to take on any one of hundreds of bosses
  • Mounts, Costumes and Interesting World Events | Collect mounts and costumes as well as take part in fascinating world events.
  • No Pay to Win: | There is no scent of pay to win. What's in the shop is cosmetic only.
  • Auto-bot and Auto-Path System: :| Short on time? You can let the game do the walking and fighting for you!
  • Pet System: :| You can collect 'em all!
Sponsored Ntroy Introducing the World to Phoenix Dynasty 2 (SPONSORED)

Ntroy has announced the opening of Phoenix Dynasty 2, a game that has launched on four continents. Phoenix Dynasty 2 is an old school MMO that provides players with the features they most look for in a modern MMO experience.

The Story of the Destiny of the 9 Realms

The destiny of the Nine Realms is in your hands, Azurian! Found your dynasty, conquer the fortresses and fight the Darklings of Tianhuang! Phoenix Dynasty 2 is on Steam!