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Perpetuum Articles

After 7 Years, Official Server to Go Dark on January 25th

In an emotional FAQ on the Perpetuum Online site, players have been informed that the official servers will be shut off on January 25th. "This is purely a financial decision as the monthly cost of running the server is way more than what we can handle" the letter states. However, a private server option is part of the plan and the Steam Stand Alone server will remain active while the server source code will also be released.

Get a Look at the Eleven New Robots Heading Into Game Soon

The Perpetuum Online site has an in-depth developer blog that reveals more information about the recently announced robots that would be added to the game in the near future. Players can find out more about each one's abilities, speed, hit size, specialization and more.

Eleven New Robots Planned & Progression Changes

Perpetuum is chugging along with some brand new units coming in the near future, eleven of them to be exact. The goal is to provide fill role gaps where there are no current robots exist at the current time.

Patch 3.6 Released

Avatar Creations has released a new patch for the sci-fi based MMORPG Perpetuum. The patch's key feature is a long awaited random assignment system.

Single Purchase Augmented by Optional Purchases Announced

The Perpetuum site has been updated with big news for players and potential players. The team has announced that, beginning in April, the subscription model for the game will be dropped in favor of a one-time purchase with optional microtransaction purchases made. Perpetuum will be priced at $28.99.

Mea Culpa Issued: "We Screwed Up"

The Perpetuum team has issued a new "state of the game" letter on the official site that is essentially a "mea culpa" for the missteps the sandbox title has made with players new to the game. Essentially, the team admits that throwing newbs into the game without any direction is a bad idea. To correct this, players will have a chance to "play before you play" on a specially designed virtual training program.

Gamma Frontier Launched

Robot-themed sci-fi sandbox MMO, Perpetuum Online, has expanded today with the arrival of Gamma Frontier. The latest expansion is, according to the team, the largest expansion to the game ever.

An Interesting & Attractive Game

CCP has been sitting atop the sci-fi MMO hill for a long while now with all challengers somehow being repelled. But in our latest review, we opine that Perpetuum Online, given enough time and love, may finally be the one to at the least make CCP share the king of sci-fi MMOs title. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Intrusion 2.0 Content Expansion to Arrive December 1st

Avatar Creations has announced that Perpetuum Online will be expanding content-wise on December 1st. Called "Intrusion 2.0", the new content expansion will allow player corporations to fight for and gain control of outposts in the Beta region.

Terra Incognita Deploys Today

Perpetuum players will have more game to enjoy with the deployment of the Terra Incognita expansion. Avatar Creations developers have indicated that the new expansion will double the size of the explorable world as well as bring a host of new or improved features online.

15 Day Free Trial Available

Perpetuum devs have been hard at work on the official page including a brand new page that offers visitors a fifteen day free trial. And, in case you missed it, Perpetuum devs are hard at work on an expansion to the game that has been detailed in a comprehensive blog post on the site.

Free Trial Coming

The Perpetuum Dev Blog informed me this past Thursday that this weekend, a new patch will be coming including some hot fixes, some new areas (which effectively double the size of the game world) and a 15-day free trial! Check it.

What Lies Ahead

A new developer blog has cropped up on the Perpetuum Online site called "The Future of Perpetuum". The blog gives fans and players a sneak peek at what devs are working on currently that will be deployed over the next several months. Included in the article are peeks at Artifacts & Discovery, the Energy Credit System, Assignment Improvements, Corporation Recruitment and more.

Behind the Curtain

Perpetuum's Gargaj wants fans to pay attention to that man behind the curtain if the latest official blog post is to believed, Gargaj gives players a look at some behind the scenes on how the team turns great ideas into actual in-game content. This particular post details the in-game map. It's an great look at the innovations that devs bring to the game.

Recruit Codes Sent

MMORPG.com reader, Cosy, has let us know about recruit codes that have been sent to Perpetuum players. These codes can be given to friends or other interested people so they can try out the game.