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Perfect World International Articles

PWI Gift Key Sweepstakes!

To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of PWI, MMORPG.com has been given 200 special gift codes for Perfect World International on PC that will give players a ton of free in game items! These items include the Ceberus Puppy, Auto Recovery Stone, Teleport Bell and so much more! Enter for a chance to win now!

Perfect World International Celebrating a Decade of Service in North America

Perfect World Entertainment and the Perfect World International development team are celebrating a decade of live service in North America. Players will be able to enjoy a month's worth of good cheer including prizes earned through a daily log in code, a mount raffle and a series of events. The anniversary kicks off today with the launch of the Redemption expansion that brings a visual update to the game along with new zones, a 6th Boundary tier, mini bosses and much more.

Tencent Announces PWI Mobile for Later in 2018

Tencent is spreading itself across a number of genres and platforms, one of the most recent being a new mobile version based on Perfect World International. The company announced Perfect World Mobile earlier this week during the annual Tencent UP event in China.

Faction Changes & Additions in the Wonderland Expansion

The latest Perfect World International developer blog has been published ahead of the release of the Wonderland expansion. This time, devs spend a bit of time introducing players to forthcoming changes and additions to the faction system with particular regard to Faction Bases and Trials.

Wonderland Expansion to Launch January 31st with Big Changes to the Faction System

The Perfect World International site has been updated with an extensive blog post laying out changes coming to the Faction System when the Wonderland expansion launches on January 31st.

Eighth Year Anniversary Celebration Begins

Perfect World International is celebrating its eighth anniversary and the party has already started. Players will be able to take part in a special Barter Event that includes even items that are bound to any given character or account.

Players to Honor Armed Forces with In-Game Event

Perfect World International players will have a chance to make a real-world difference to veterans and their families through an in-game event that will take place from May 25th to 31st. Players will have a chance to complete a daily quest that yields a cosmetic fashion set and either Spirit or EXP.

Elysium Released, PWI Lands on Steam

Perfect World International has grown in two ways today with its release on Steam and with the Elysium expansion arriving in game. Most notably for the latter, the PWI 'Homestead System' has launched that allows players the ability to build on their own piece of the game world.

A Decade In, Still Growing & Improving

With the Elysium expansion, Perfect World International sees yet another huge feature added with housing, a much-requested community feature. We took the opportunity to chat with PWI Product Manager Cindy Wang about the Elysium expansion and what it means for players.

Elysium Trailer Prepares the Way for Next Week's Release

Perfect World International will be expanding next week with Elysium. The most notable feature coming to the game is the housing system alongside new content and gameplay options. To celebrate the release on April 13th, PWI devs have released a trailer to set the stage. Check it out!

Elysium Expansion the Largest Yet

Perfect World International will be expanding in a big way very soon. The Elysium expansion is the largest ever and brings a housing system called "homestead building" into the game. In addition, a new max level 10-player instance, weekly cross-server PvP tournaments and some nice new PvP rewards will also be released in Elysium.

War Front Expansion Released

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the successful deployment of the War Front expansion across all Perfect World International servers. The central feature of the eleventh game expansion is the addition of cross-server PvP combat as well as the addition of both solo- and group-play features.

Cross-Server Multiplayer Battles Coming with War Front

Perfect World International will be introducing players to a whole new way to participate in large-scale PvP with its eleventh expansion called War Front. Players will be able to take part in PvP content in Battle for Treasure Island and a cross-server update to Nation Wars.

7th Anniversary Celebrated with Events & Giveaways

Perfect World International is celebrating its seventh anniversary with big in-game events and giveaways from now through the end of September. Players can start right away with 3x experience and drops each weekend and an item to help complete Tsuchun's Trease, Smoke over Archosaur, and the Scholarly Challenge.

Seven Years, a New Expansion & Plans for the Future

Perfect World International has been the cornerstone of the Perfect world Entertainment stable of MMOs. We had the opportunity to interview the team behind the game to find out what's in store for players with the new expansion, Riptide, and what's coming in the future.