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Path of Exile Articles

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra - Previewing The Upcoming Expansion And Chatting With GGG's Chris Wilson

Earlier this week Grinding Gears Games invited the press to have an early look at the new Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra August expansion. While Kevin was prepared to hear the key details about the Kalandra Challenge League, it ended up covering a lot more than he expected.

Path of Exile: Sentinel League Preview - Grinding Gear Games Gets Robotic for The Next League

Several days ago, Grinding Gear Games held a preview event for a group of select media outlets followed by a roundtable Q&A session. We had the opportunity to sit down with producer and developer Chris Wilson for a "few" questions, but in this article we'll focus on the details of the preview event, which was an early discussion of the presentation the rest of the world saw earlier today

Path of Exile's Next Expansion, Siege Of The Atlas, Adds More Eldritch Horrors And A Massive New Skill Tree

Path of Exile's next endgame expansion, Siege of the Atlas, picks up the story right after the defeat of the Eldritch Horror, Sirius. New threats are facing the Atlas and Wraeclast, seeing players defend the Atlas with new items and abilities, a revamped, Atlas-wide passive skill tree in a way only Path of Exile could pull off, and an all-new Challenge League.

Path of Exile: Heist - Skills, Curses and More

In our second part of our coverage of Path of Exile's Heist league coming later this month, Aaron breaks down some of the different skills to complete a successful heist.

Path of Exile: Heist Hits On September 18th

On September 18, 2020, Grinding Gear Games will release one of the largest League updates for Path of Exile, ever. So large, we cannot fit all the information in just one article. Welcome to a new way of playing PoE with the Heist League!

Path of Exile - Harvest League Preview

Scott recently had the chance to check out the latest update from Grinding Gear Games for their ARPG, Path of Exile, the Harvest League.

Path of Exile's Delirium Expansion Is Looking Incredible

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Path of Exile Managing Director, Chris Wilson, for nearly an hour about their upcoming expansion, Delirium. Our conversation ranged from the ethos behind the expansion, to new mechanics, the passive tree, and much more.

ExileCon 2019: Path of Exile Mobile Surprised Me

At ExileCon 2019, Grinding Gear Games pulled the veil back on Path of Exile Mobile. As someone who is decidedly not a mobile player of practically any game, Bradford found himself intrigued at the notion. So how did it fare in its first public outing? Bradford put the mobile build through its paces - here's his impressions from the show floor.

ExileCon 2019: Path of Exile 2 Hands-On

Path of Exile fans descended upon the Aotea Centre in New Zealand last week, hoping to get a glimpse of the future of the ARPG. They got more than a glimpse, as Grinding Gear Games showcased the first 45 minutes of their upcoming Path of Exile 2 to the world. We got to go hands on - so how did it fare?

Preview: The Blight Spreads Into Path of Exile

Path of Exiles newest League Blight will be going live in September and it will be bringing some new and exciting content to the game. But what does the Blight actually entail?

Path of Exile Synthesis League First Impressions

The latest in Path of Exile’s big updates has gone live just recently with the Synthesis League. It brings a host of adjustments to current skills, new skills and changes to the passive tree. The namesake of this League brings to the player a chance to find lost memories of Cavas with a chance at rare loot at the end of that tunnel. We’re a week in to the new expansion and it’s time to see how it's doing.

Path of Exile: Synthesis Lets You 'Snap Together' a Custom Dungeon & More

The next league coming to Path of Exile is called "Synthesis" and it's bringing a unique twist to a game that is full of unique twists. Synthesis, among other things, allows players to literally create their own "snap together" dungeons for the experience (and loot) that they want most. We chatted with Chris Wilson to learn more.

Betrayal is the Next Path of Exile League

When Path of Exile launches the Betrayal league in December, it will be the game's biggest one to date. Players will set off on an adventure that will see them tracking down members of the Immortal Syndicate and targeting them for assassination. But it's more than a simple "find and kill" adventure, but one that features twists and turns, alliances and broken friendships all on the path to finding the Syndicate's leader.

Delve Challenges Players to Journey Beneath the Surface

Grinding Gear is one of the hardest working bunch of developers that continually proves that quality content can be pushed out at a blistering pace. Path of Exile: Incursion launched earlier this summer, but not resting on their laurels, the team is expanding Path of Exile yet again with Delve, the game's first infinite dungeon that will challenge even the hardiest of players.

Incursion League Will Send You Back in Time Starting June 1st

The good folks at Grinding Gear are getting ready to unleash a brand-new Challenge league to its players when Incursion launches on June 1st. It’s going to bring some fascinating new content to players as well the chance to travel back in time over a thousand years. The goal for Incursion is, according to Chris Wilson, to blur the line between league and expansion and to give players new items, new areas, new monsters, new characters.