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Path of Exile Will Make Epic Games Store Debut Alongside 3.12

Launching September 18 on PC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Path of Exile will make its Epic Games Store debut once their 3.12 expansion launches in September on PC.

Grinding Gear Games stresses that the game releasing on EGS will not affect the current steam version,

“For clarity, this won't result in any changes to the way that the standalone or Steam versions of Path of Exile operate. It's another storefront to find the game on and launch the client from.”

In case you missed it, details for 3.12 will be officially announced on September 1, with the PC launch set for September 18. The console versions will launch on September 23. Grinding Gear Games explained their release schedule for 3.12 earlier,

“We normally operate on a 13 week schedule, allowing us to release four expansions a year in March, June, September and December. It took 14 weeks to develop Harvest due to the limitations of working from home and as we indicated in the post linked above, this meant we would need one of our expansions to be developed in just 12 weeks to make up for that lost time. Our intention was to develop our 3.12 expansion on this 12 week timeline but due to the ambitious scope of the league, we feel it is a lot safer to consume a 13th week. So while this isn't technically a deviation from our normal timeline, it's slightly later than we originally indicated.”


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