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Path of Exile Receives Some Skill Balances Ahead of Heist

Actually several changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grinding Gear Games has previewed some Path of Exile skill balances ahead of Heist’s launch on September 18.

For a recap on the skills, curses, and more coming to Heist you can check out our preview here. As to why these changes are coming, Grinding Gear Games explain,

“As we mentioned earlier here, here and here, we're making changes to some existing skills and introducing new ones. Outside of these changes we're only making a small number of balance changes in Heist. You'll be able to read them in detail in the patch notes tomorrow but in the meantime, this manifesto outlines what you can expect.”

The skills in question are Ascendancies, Glancing Blows, Divine Flesh, Enduring Cry, Ball Lightning, Spellslinger, Redemption Sentry Spectre, Cluster Jewels, Vitality, Precision, Clarity. These also include Vaal Impurity Skills, Ailment effect, projective behavior ordering, reducing visibility and stealth, changes to mods providing flat life regen, and several changes to the mod tag system.

In case you missed it, the upcoming Heist update will require a full redownload of Path of Exile in exchange for several improvements. And while you’re waiting for Heist, be sure to check out preview here. You can also check out an AMA with Chris Wilson here.


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