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Path of Exile: Legion Balance Changes Explained

By Suzie Ford on June 04, 2019 | News | 0

With the upcoming release of the Legion content expansion to Path of Exile, Grinding Gear is providing players with a forward look at some balance changes being made. Most notably, balance tweaks are being applied to melee combat across an array of areas. These include early-game combat, the ability to strike multiple targets, skill rebalancing, support gems including new ones, passive tree changes, accuracy, weapon base types, weapon / jewel damage, & general combat changes.

Major changes have also been made to both the Chieftain, Berserker and Slayer classes.

Marauder and Duelist Ascendancy Classes

We've made major changes to the Chieftain, Berserker and Slayer. We wanted to give them a stronger identity, and better let them achieve their design goals. The Chieftain should be an amazing choice for a Fire damage attacker, as it gives a huge amount of life regeneration, and should be a competitive choice for a Melee Totem character. The Berserker should be capable of some of the highest damage numbers in the game, though at a great cost. We've also condensed the recovery tools available to him to make them more efficient and let you spend just a few more points on damage damage damage. He also has new Critical Attack notables that reward building critical strikes in a unique way. The Slayer reinforces his place as taking full advantage of life leech, while also being capable of massive damage against unique enemies. He also has powerful area bonuses, as well as a new Critical synergy and a specialised Frenzy and Endurance charge mechanic. The Gladiator is receiving a new notable to support the gladiator-themed Blood and Sand skills, but isn't receiving any other major changes at this point. The Champion is receiving some minor improvements, and the Juggernaut remains unchanged other than a damage and area buff to his Unyielding passive.

Legion launches for all platforms on June 7th.

Check out the full manifesto on the Path of Exile site.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom