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Path of Exile Articles

Path of Exile Fixes Many Bugs, Including Some Overly Generous Ruthless Glitches

The latest Path of Exile patch has a bunch of bug fixes, including some for Sanctum content, as well as some overly generous Ruthless glitches. 

Path of Exile Reviews Everything Added, Overhauled, and Improved in 2022

The Path of Exile team is reviewing 2022 with a look back on  all the developments over the past year, from content released, to overhauls, and even some fun stats from the year.

Path of Exile's Forbidden Sanctum Update Might Be The Perfect Gateway to PoE 2

Path of Exile 2 is on the horizon and it does not mean that its predecessor is done pushing out content updates. Grinding Gear Games hosted a live stream where it revealed The Forbidden Sanctum, which is one of the most important updates for Path of Exile in 2022. Kanishka takes a look at the updates and explores how they might be the perfect gateway to the sequel.

Everything Revealed During Today's Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream

Grinding Gear Games just finished their Livestream reveal for Path of Exile's next expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum, and it looks like Wraeclast will be getting a dose of roguelike for its next Challenge League.

Today, Path of Exile Will Get a Full Reveal Livestream for The Forbidden Sanctum

The Forbidden Sanctum, Path of Exile's next big expansion content, will get full reveals on a special livestream today.

Path of Exile Releases Manifesto Detailing Reworks and Tweaks to Hexes

The Path of Exile team has released a final manifesto ahead of the new content, this time on Curses. The manifesto covers all things Hexes, from changes, to new balance tweaks, and reworks.

Path of Exile Begins Delirium Everywhere, Sets December 1st Reveal Stream for The Forbidden Sanctum

Path of Exile will be revealing the full details of its December expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum, on December 1st. This week, however, there is today's start of Delirium Everywhere

Path of Exile Team Responds to Questions and Clarifies Detaila About Punishing New Mode Ruthless

The Path of Exile team is answering community questions about Ruthless, the punishing new mode announced yesterday and coming alongside 3.20 next month.

Path of Exile is Getting Ruthless, a New Mode Designed Around Scarcity and Extreme Difficulty

Grinding Gear Games has announced Ruthless, a new option for Path of Exile that makes every step of the way feel like endgame, with high difficulty, item scarcity, and other constraints baked in from the start.

Path of Exile Clarifies November Event Plans, Adds a Second Guaranteed Mystery Box For Event Accomplishment

The Path of Exile team is answering community questions on the announced November events, covering the Endless Delve ladder, and why they're adding a second guaranteed mystery box.

Path of Exile Announces November Events After Pushing Back 3.20 to December

The Path of Exile team is laying out some plans for November, confirming the status of Lake of Kalandra, and confirming that the next expansion, 3.20 will now be released sometime in early December.

Path of Exile is Nerfing A Wide Range of Archnemesis Defensive Modifiers for Balance Reasons

The Path of Exile team is making some notable changes to defensive Archnemesis Modifiers and nerfing them to bring things into a better balance and still preserve the defensive modifiers in the game. 

Path of Exile Invites You to The Mysterious Lake of Kalandra Today

Lake of Kalandra is welcoming Path of Exile PC players today, with new gems, new mechanics, and the new Atlas Memories mechanic that lets you play through an NPC's past.

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra - Previewing The Upcoming Expansion And Chatting With GGG's Chris Wilson

Earlier this week Grinding Gears Games invited the press to have an early look at the new Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra August expansion. While Kevin was prepared to hear the key details about the Kalandra Challenge League, it ended up covering a lot more than he expected.

Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Announced, Featuring Lore, Mystery, and Monsters, Launching Next Week on PC

Grinding Gear Games held a livestream to announce details on the next expansion, Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra, which will dip back into the past and make some significant changes as PoE heads into its future.