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    Icy North Games
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Past Fate Overview

Past Fate is an open world MMORPG set in medieval fantasy world where the players freedom is the key element. Choose what you will become and explore the vast world and its continents for hidden secrets and mysteries. What is your fate?

Past Fate has five playable classes for the players to choose from, and more will be added later. Right now the playable classes are Necromancer, Pirate, Warrior, Mage and Priest. Additionally each one of these classes have three specializations to choose from. Past Fate will also introduce secret classes that require players to do certain tasks to unlock them. One of these secret classes is the Crusader mentioned above. Secret classes do play a huge role in the game, changing the gameplay of your chosen class radically.

Past Fate offers full PvE and PvP gameplay experience with Dungeons, World Bosses, Raids, Battlegrounds and 1v1 and 3v3 Arenas. All of this is built around Skill Based Combat that is easy to approach but difficult to master.


  • Explore the vast lands of Past Fate
  • Hire mercenaries and gather your soldiers to conquer the enemy lands to yourself 
  • Defend your kingdom by hiring mercenaries and soldiers and protect your land at all cost
  • Banish strong enemies and pillage powerful treasures from dungeons. Form a group to find and defeat ancient creatures across the world
  • The night can be deadly as players who wield the dark magic can use it to their advantage to turn into a hulking beast to hunt their prey.
  • Past Fate will be introducing Naval Combat where you will purchase, upgrade and control your ships. Release your inner pirate and fight your enemies in the open waters!