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So It Looks Like Epic's MOBA Paragon Is Coming Back As A Free-To-Play Title

Paragon, one the more ironic victims of Fortnite's success as it was destroyed by a game made by its own company, looks to be getting a revival of sorts. Paragon: The Overprime looks like it's bringing the stunning MOBA back to life as a free-to-play title.

$12M Worth of Paragon Assets Released on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for Free

If you're an aspiring game developer and are utilizing the Unreal Engine, you will be interested to know that Epic has released every last one of Paragon's $12M worth of assets. This includes environments, skins, characters and every other asset created for the game that is closing on April 26th. All of these items can be downloaded and used free of charge and with "no strings attached".

Fans Start Petition to Send Epic a Message of Love for the Doomed MOBA

Fans of Paragon are hoping to send Epic Games a positive message of appreciation for Paragon through a Change.org petition to save the game. "Jude Dobbin" has posted a petition that has already garnered nearly 20,000 signatures to keep Paragon a living game for players. "Paragon is an amazing game that many of us as players have poured countless hours into" the petition reads, "I put forward the idea that Epic keep the servers for Paragon open even if they leave the game as is".

Epic to Close Paragon on April 26th

Epic has announced that it is closing Paragon on April 26th. This is not a completely unexpected decision, as Epic revealed recently that several of the Paragon development team had moved over to the wildly successful Fortnite. "We didn't execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon. We have failed you -- despite the team's incredibly hard work -- and we're sorry." the very frank post reads.

Epic Admits that Fortnite's Success is Hurting Paragon

In an official post on the Paragon Reddit, Epic admits that Paragon is struggling to find its audience in the shadow of Fortnite's success. Several of the team members have moved off Paragon and over to Fortnite, so the development has slowed somewhat. "We're talking about the future of Paragon in pretty much the same terms you're talking about." the letter states.

Winterfest Brings Frosty Fun & A New Hero

Paragon has been updated to bring Winterfest into the game. from now through January 18th, players can take part in a "snowy winter wonderland" and exclusive content which includes Winterfest chests overflowing with goodies. During the last week of the event, a special mystery prize will be awarded.

Shadow's Eve Brings Mischief & Mayhem

Paragon players will be able to take part in the Shadow's Eve event starting on October 11th and running through November 6th. Players can earn Shadow's Eve chests that contain in-game items as well as themed skins and banners.

The New Dawn Update Released, Card System Reworked

Epic Games has released the New Dawn update in Paragon. The patch brings a completely overhauled card / itemization system into the game as well as provides players with clearer progression, faster game play and better rewards. To celebrate the release of The New Dawn, Epic has sent out a brand new trailer to show off the significant details of the update.

Gun Totin' Revenant Set to Blast His Way In

Paragon players will have a new hero to check out with the arrival of gun totin' Revenant. He will blast his way into the game on Tuesday, April 25th. Revenant carries a 4-shot revolver that can unleash devastation on opponents.

Yin Revealed as Next Hero, Available for Free on March 14th

The latest Paragon hero is going to be a character named Yin. Yin wields a killer whip and the power of the wind to take on enemies. Epic Games has released a new trailer to show off Yin's hybrid melee abilities.

Melee Assassin Shinbi Joins Up

Epic Games has announced that a new Paragon hero has joined the game with the arrival of pop sensation Shinbi. She is a melee assassin that uses Spirit Wolves to rip into opponents during battle.

Shinbi the Next Hero to Join, Coming February 21st

Paragon's roster of heroes is growing again. On Tuesday, February 21st, Shinbi will be entering the game, a character who uses summoned wolves to tear her opponents to shreds. To show off Shinbi in game, Epic has released a new trailer along with a list of some of her abilities.

Carnival of Hearts Event Kicks Off

Fighting in Paragon has taken on a new, softer side with the arrival of the Carnival of Hearts that sees combatants able to earn the Burning Heart Serath skin when playing on a team where someone is using it. In addition, three other skins are available: Love Machine Howitzer, Soul Mate Decker and Love Punch Crunch.

Looking Back At 2016 And Big Plans For The Future

Epic Games' John Wasilczyk has written a new letter on the Paragon site that takes a look back at 2016 and gives a forward look at what the team hopes to add to the game in 2017.

Aurora Set to Harness the Power of Cold

A new hero named Aurora is coming to Paragon. She harnesses the power of cold to freeze foes and help her team take control of her battlefield. Aurora will be free to play when she launches into game on January 31st.