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Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever

By David Holmes on December 11, 2017 | Interviews | 0

MMORPG: Will there be raids eventually?

COREY:  We will have some raid content. The primary focus is group centric challenging content. As long as it suits our target audience and makes sense.

BRAD: There will be raid content, there will be solo content. But like Corey was saying, our focus is on that grouping. Sometimes when you're in that big guild, that big raid, you don't necessarily get to know everyone. Right now, we're targeting a group size of six. We have the four basic roles, DPS, Tank, Healer and Crowd Control. And of course, the different classes specialize and manifest those roles differently. We think that’s a good size for people to go out and adventure and become friends with the people they went out with. That’s what we want to bring back, that stickiness of people forming real relationships that they care about and not just playing the game. We are going to be very proactive and have tools in the game that bring people together. Because that's what it's all about.

MMORPG: Will there be in game housing?

BRAD: So, one thing we've learned and I've certainly learned along the way. MMO's are difficult and don’t let feature creep, don't be overly ambitious. WE do not plan on having housing at launch.  We have ten years' worth of ideas for after launching the game. We will have housing/outpost, it's open world. We have a lot of really neat ideas. But like I said that's going to come after we launch a solid fun game. It's tempting, but we're going to be disciplined try to not do too much. You gotta launch and you’ve got to do it right. Players won't forgive you if you screw it up. The game being unoptimized, or having a lot of features but there's not a lot of depth to them. We want to do it right.

MMORPG: Will there be mounts in the game or a fast travel system?

BRAD: The plan is to have basic mounts. It'll help with speed with a buff. Then you get saddle bags and things which will help you. Because the banks are not global. Because we want a player driven economy. We want people to travel the world and finding great items and if they bring them back to the other side of the world, they can make a profit. It's like in the real world where in the ancient days you had the Silk Road. We want to bring that back. People want to be merchants and be rewarded for doing things like that. So horses will be part of that because they will help you store more items as you make that trip from one area to another side of the world. 

MMORPG: What kind of crafting system is being envisioned for Pantheon?

COREY: It's going to be largely a turn-based experience. You're going to be kinda contending a little bit with yourself. Complications can happen if you're familiar with Vanguard crafting. We have a basic prototype and it's functioning. We are polishing it. We are going to introduce a little bit of a time-based element so that you have limited reaction time for some of the events that happen while you're crafting. Some will be beneficial, some will be negative. Maybe you get a moment of inspiration and you can craft something that much faster or better.  Something that isn't just stick your items in a box and hit go. We think we can do better that that. No offence to other games that do that or players who enjoy that experience. We think our target audience wants something a little deeper.

We had a discussion internally of weather we wanted crafting to be a means to an end or crafting as a persona where I am a crafter and that is how I identify. We leaning more heavily towards the persona side. I don’t want to go quite as deep as other games because than it almost becomes a crafting simulator. We're going to strike that razor edge balance of serving our audience giving them something deep and meaningful and being mindful of our resources.

BRAD: And I think another important point is the synergy and interdependence we're going to create between the crafters and adventurers. They're going to need each other. The adventurer is going to be out there and he's going to find a rare component. HE's going to bring it back to the crafter which allows the crafter to be really useful. We've seen other games where crafting items and drops are competing against each other. I just got this drop, but now you can craft something that's better than that drop. We don't want that competition. We want the systems to complement each other.

COREY: To that end one of the goals is to have crafters able to upgrade items. Like I found this really sweet sword that was stuck in this dragon hide. It's really cool and I'm really pumped to have this awesome sword, but I could take it to a crafter and have them upgrade it. The tradeoff would be that most of our items are going to be tradeable. You take an item to a crafter and they upgrade it for you, they're basically custom fitting it for you. It's bound to you now.

BRAD: Like Corey was saying most items will be tradeable. We're not big into the no trade or bind on equip. But it does make sense in certain areas if you've augmented an item for you or it’s a quest component you can't trade that. In general, we really want a vibrant player economy and we realize that there will be more and more items in the world. Therefore, we have a responsibility to refresh the game and introduce cooler and cooler stuff. But as long as we can control the rate of that and it doesn’t get ridiculous, I think it'll be a lot of fun.

COREY:  We're going with one specialization and one profession per character. I might choose a blacksmith and then at level 25 I would have the option of becoming a weapon smith or armor smith. I think it's really important that we mirror the crafting experience as closely as we can to the adventuring experience. We want them to play nice together. I picked my class as an Adventurer, I have my role and we wanted to do the same thing for crafting. You're not a jack of all trades. As you get higher level you're going to be making some components that other professions are going to need.

BRAD: So, than you have adventurer's working with the crafters and the crafters working with each other. That's what makes friends, that’s what makes a sticky game. Where it's not just a game, it's a home. That's what we want to bring back. We miss playing in that kind of environment ourselves.

COREY:  If players want to create more characters and crafting alts, I think it's a great opportunity for them to experience a different aspect of the game.

BRAD: Having alts is really important. That's replayabilty, it's an opportunity to play the game again but have a different experience, different things you need to learn. That's important to us. And again, we're going to proactively reward people through our progeny system and other systems too to make other characters. Other races, classes and professions.

MMORPG: Any last words for our readers?

BRAD: If you haven't heard of the game, please come check it out. We are going to be doing more and more streams and showing more at shows. This is the first here at Twitchcon that we've shown the game in a public setting. We've shown it behind closed doors, we've streamed it with CohhCarnage and we're at the point where we can be more public. If you can support us via crowdfunding or just spreading the word, it's appreciated. To the community of Pantheon I just want to say thanks to all of you for the support, the faith, the patience for us to get it done and do it right. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that community supporting us.

COREY:  I want to agree with everything Brad has said. Thank you all for your support, attention and interest in what we're doing. I'm really excited to be doing what we do. It's a rare opportunity to be working on a project like this in this day and age. We all feel that drive to make the best game that we can. We just want to go out and have that shared experience all across the board. I look forward to going on the journey ahead with you guys. 

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