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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Articles

Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a group-focused MMORPG based on challenging gameplay and open world high fantasy. During Twitchcon I was able to sit down and talk with Brad McQuaid (Visionary Realm Chief Creative Officer) and Corey LeFever (Visionary Realms Senior Game Designer) and talk about their game.

Visionary Realms Tackles Your Questions About the Mana Climate

Last week, the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen team took to the MMORPG.com pages to reveal the game’s mana climate in an exclusive developer diary. Along the way, more than a few questions came up from the community. After looking over the questions, the Pantheon devs chose ten to answer today to provide more clarity and information about mana climate.

Taking Shape - An Interview with Brad McQuaid & Chris Perkins

This past week we had the chance to interview Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins about the work on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The game is really in great shape despite not making its Kickstarter. MMO fans will have a lot to look forward too as the team has: a playable solid core game, gotten its first round of funding, and hit solid internal milestones. Let’s have the guys bring us up to date on the project and give you a few details you may not have heard yet.

Catching Up on the Past Year

On Tuesday night I caught up with two of the team members from Visionary Realms. Creative Director for Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Chris Perkins and Director of Communications Benjamin de la Durantaye. Read on to see what the two of them had to say about what Visionary Realms has been up to for the past 12 months.

The Post-Kickstarter Campaign

I’ve made it no secret that to me, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes represents some of the best raw potential that MMOs have to offer, even if the game’s initial execution left a lot to be desired. That’s why I’ve been excited by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, the new MMORPG in development from Visionary Realms (VR), whose pedigree features the minds that brought us EverQuest 1 & 2, Vanguard, PlanetSide 1 & 2, Star Wars: Galaxies, and a whole lot more.

Brad McQuaid On What Comes Next

With the dust settling on Visionary Realm's first unsuccessful Kickstarter, players around the internet have found themselves wondering: just where does this leave Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen? We wondered too, so over the weekend we sat down with Chief Creative Officer and company founder, Brad McQuaid, to answer a few simple questions: what happened, what's next for Pantheon, and what players can do to help.

Brad McQuaid Talks Portalarium Partnership

Last week Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen launched a joint rewards program with Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar game over at Portalarium. The first step in this program will allow backers to get an in game cloak. This marks one of the first times we have seen MMO companies working together to promote their games. We sat down with Brad McQuaid to talk about the new partnership as well as get some insight into what is planned for Pantheon in the coming months.

Exclusive MMORPG.com Q&A with Brad McQuaid

Our community recently had the opportunity to submit questions to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Brad McQuaid. In one of the fastest turnarounds we've seen, Brad has returned the questions and we've got it exclusively for our readers. Check it out and then head to the comments.