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A Small Team with Big Dreams

Not everyone dreams of being at the helm of an MMO cruise ship, but it’s fair to say that most video game developers want to have a hand in guiding the journey of their respective enterprises. A studio equipped with near-infinite resources may be able to support a large team on a trip to the stars, but a smaller group of schooners can do the job with a bit more agility and excitement.

Class Reveal - The Shaman

For centuries, rumors have persisted that the mightiest of Shaman can abide in every age at once. Tales speak of a breed of masters who can discern the ancestry of friend or foe, wielding this knowledge to great benefit -- or frightful bane. But even a young Shaman can sense the threads of energy woven through Terminus’ past. A second sight draws them to the totems of those forsaken eons, in pursuit of furthering their rare power.

Feature Spotlight - Perception System

One of Pantheon’s main differentiators is the way we are handling Quests and Story-related content. The consistent trend in current MMORPGs is one of linear, quest-driven leveling mechanics that funnel players from quest hub to quest hub throughout their leveling experience. This is consistent with the “Theme Park” approach of modern MMOs where little emphasis is put on free exploration or risk vs. reward. Instead, players are led by the hand and told where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Feature Spotlight - Extreme Climate & Atmosphere Systems

We're continuing our exclusive series of developer blogs from the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen team this week with a new post from Chris Perkins. This week, Chris gives us an inside look at Extreme Climate and Atmosphere Systems.

The Ethereal Energy Fueling the Mana Climate

The world of Terminus has dramatically transformed over thousands of years through a recurring phenomena known as Planar Collisions: mysterious events where pieces of foreign worlds and realms are embedded into Terminus, bringing portions of their native people, creatures, landforms, deities and ethereal energies with them.