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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Articles

Brad McQuaid On What Comes Next

With the dust settling on Visionary Realm's first unsuccessful Kickstarter, players around the internet have found themselves wondering: just where does this leave Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen? We wondered too, so over the weekend we sat down with Chief Creative Officer and company founder, Brad McQuaid, to answer a few simple questions: what happened, what's next for Pantheon, and what players can do to help.

Crowd Funding Moves to Official Site

Crowd funding for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has moved from KickStarter, where the initiative fell short by a significant amount, to the official site. In addition to this news, the Pantheon team is pleased to announce that it has moved into "development mode" and that it is hard at work on the game.

The Planes of Arcana Lore

With a scant 48 hours until the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen KickStarter campaign ends, the team is still pumping out lore behind the game. This time, The Planes of Arcana is profiled, the elements that hold the entire universe together.

Post-KickStarter Plans Revealed

With only five days to go in the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter campaign, and with nearly 50% of funding yet to be raised, the team has laid out the details for the post-crowd sourcing effort. Most notably, the team plans to continue crowd funding via the game's own site, whether or not KS is successful. The post also lays out the first details of a three-tiered subscription plan.

"We Are NOT Giving Up On KickStarter By Any Means"

A new post has cropped up on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Facebook page that reassures KickStarter backers that the team has categorically not given up on the process and that, fully funded or not via KS, there is a plan in the works for other sources of revenue to bring Brad McQuaid's vision to fruition.

Latest Update Features the Shaman

After yesterday's race reveal, the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen team is back to player classes. In today's latest, the Shaman is detailed. The Shaman plays a variety of roles including healer, debuffer and support. The post goes on to give some of the lore behind the class as well so it's a must-read for those interested in the game.

Diminutive Gnomes Detailed in Latest Update

Always active, the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site has been updated today with a look at one of the game's races. This time, the tiny, but formidable gnomes are put under the microscope. Included in the update is a look at the lore behind the race and how it will fit into the overall game.

Dual Wielding DPS Specialist, the Wizard, Detailed

The Patheon: Rise of the Fallen team is ready to reveal the latest character class in the form of the Wizard, a dual-wielding DPS / Support specialist with a wide range of magic skills.

The Enchanter Latest Class to be Revealed

Visionary Realms has revealed the next in a series of player classes for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. This time, the Enchanter goes under the microscope and is revealed to be a utility class. Enchanters specialize in crowd control as well as buffing fellow players.

Brad McQuaid Talks Portalarium Partnership

Last week Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen launched a joint rewards program with Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar game over at Portalarium. The first step in this program will allow backers to get an in game cloak. This marks one of the first times we have seen MMO companies working together to promote their games. We sat down with Brad McQuaid to talk about the new partnership as well as get some insight into what is planned for Pantheon in the coming months.

Richard Garriott and Brad McQuaid Team-Up

Visionary Realms' Brad McQuaid and Portalarium's Richard Garriott are announcing a collaboration between their two crowdfunded MMO projects in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Shroud of the Avatar, respectively.

Reddit Details from AMA with Brad McQuaid

Yesterday, Brad McQuaid took to the Reddit sphere to do an AMA for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. We wanted to post this up because there was some great information shared.

Human Race Detailed in Latest Update

The latest update to the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site has been released. This time, the Human race is given the developer touch. Players checking out the blog post can learn a little about how Humans will 'work' in game, as well as some lore.

First Member of the Bestiary Introduced: The Ogre

The Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site has been updated with the first entry in the game bestiary. The mighty Ogre is twice as tall as a man and a formidable foe. The post gives a bit of lore behind the behemoth race.

Watch Game Creation Live in New Pantheon Series

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is setting out to break new territory with live streaming events that focus on game creation. Developers have committed to several events that will be hosted on Twitch.tv's Rob & Dan Show. The live stream events will focus on "desktop sessions" with Vu Nguyen, Senior Artist for Pantheon while other team members discuss the game over the audio feed.