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Palia Adds Subira, a New Character With Limited-Time Quests, and You can Sit in Chairs Now

The Palia team has been teasing a few upcoming additions recently, including a new character and accompanying story. Subira, a Watcher from the Order, arrives in the most recent update, along with new areas, new furniture, and the ability to sit in chairs

Palia Adds a Bunch of New, Free Customization Options, Including For Existing Characters

Palia has added a series of new, free character customization options, added Starstones to mining nodes, raised some housing limits, and more quality of life  additions and improvements.

Palia Adding Astrology-Based Gem System, Previews Housing and Storage Increases, and More on the Way

Palia is preparing to release some helpful features and improvements, along with teasing a new NPC, a new creature, and a whole new system on the way: Starstones.

Palia Joins the Epic Games Store and Adds New European Server Region

Palia has added regional servers for European players in its new update, which also sees the game arrive on the Epic Games Store.

Palia Adds Halloween Goodies, a New Romance Option, Obstacle Course, and Improvements

Palia adds a brand new romance, gets dressed up for Halloween, and adds new items and improvements with its latest update.

Palia Updates Gathering Space, and Nerfs Cakes and Worm Farms to Help the Economy

The Palia team has a wrapup on their first big event since open beta began in August, Maji Market, along with a patch with new outfits, economic changes, and a whole new marketplace.

Palia Adds New Quests, Crops, Recipes, and Enables Friendship With Very Good Boy, Tau the Dog

 The Palia team continues updating the game and adding features since the open beta began. This time, there's a new series of hotfixes, plus some new furniture, new crops and recipes, and a whole new place to explore.

Palia's Temple Of The Flames Opens Up With Latest Update To Its Open Beta

Palia launched into open beta last month, and the team at Singularity6 is pumping out updates to continue to improve the overall experience for Palians. Today's update brings the new Temple of the Flames environment, as well as new crafting recipes, house decor items and more.

Palia Celebrates 300,000 Discord Members, Gives a Behind the Scenes Look at Maji Market

Palia, the cozy social MMO that has captivated many gamers looking for something a little different, recently celebrated a significant milestone: reaching 300,000 members on their Discord server.

Palia Responds to Monetization Feedback With Changes, and Update Adds New Event, Maji Market

Now that Palia has been in open beta for a couple of weeks, the team has made changes in response to feedback on monetization. This comes as a new game update adds the Maji Market event, new emote, and fixes.

Palia Outlines August, Responds to Community Feedback, and Sets a 'REVEAL' in Late August

The Palia team outlines August, promises a "REVEAL", and plans a hub for all the community feedback they're getting and what they might change.

Palia Open Beta is Live on PC

PC open beta has begun for Palia, with the Singularity 6 team reflecting on the lessons from closed testing, and helping everyone get started on their new adventure in the cozy MMO.

Palia Closed Beta Begins, With a Gettting Started Guide from the Devs

Palia is now in closed beta on PC. Singularity 6 has a new trailer, and a getting started guide for new Palians, citing some highlights on how you might want to spend your time in the cozy MMO sim.

Palia's Game Director Reflects on Road to Beta and Outlines Some Plans for the Rest of the Year

This week, Palia heads into closed beta, before open beta next week. Game Director Aidan Karabaich has a new letter to the community on the road to beta and some of their plans for the rest of 2023.

Palia Team Offers In-Depth First Look at Gameplay, Lore, Villagers, and How to Occupy the World Your Way

The Palia team held an in-depth stream showing off gameplay systems, characters, multiplayer fun, housing, and so much more.