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Pagan Online Articles

Pagan Online Impressions: Anya Is a Force To Be Reckoned With

In my first moments as the Blood Ritualist, Anya in Pagan Online, I knew I found the character I wanted to play from the get go. Deadly stylish and able to tackle large groups at range, how does this character, and Pagan Online on the whole, fare thus far?

Pagan Online Combines Familiar Genres for Tons of Epic Fun

When you think "Wargaming," the first thing that probably comes to mind is World of Tanks or, perhaps, World of Warships. Pagan Online is Wargaming's latest offering, and it proves that the company is about more than just military-based action titles. Pagan Online is filled with surprises and is a fun combination of several genres all stirred together for a new twist on the familiar. The surprise, however, began with the game's unexpected launch into Early Access late last night.

Pagan Online Hands On Preview

We got the chance to sit down with the team from Pagan Online to go over some of the updates on the game making waves in the action RPG space. In a genre which continues to innovate and bring players together from a very hardcore community, Pagan Online is bringing a fresh take on the hack and slash nature of these titles. Created by Uros Banjesevic and the team at Mad Head Games, Pagan is published by Wargaming.net which turned a few heads when announced. Overall, the game looks to break new ground and so far we like what we see.