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Pagan Online Articles

Pagan Online Official Launch Date + Major Game Updates

Earlier today, Wargaming and Mad Head Games announced hack-n-slash action RPG Pagan Online will officially launch, exiting Early Access, on August 27 for $29.99.

Pagan Online Receives Its First Big Update to Fundamentally Change the Game

Pagan Online has been updated with the first of a series of major patches based on player feedback. It comes with some game-altering changes that have necessitated the wiping of all player progress to date. However, all players will be compensated for the wipe. This includes the unlocking of three starter heroes on all accounts. Players will also receive a Hero Soul and 150 shards for each heros (1200 shards). Players will not have to replay the tutorial when first logging in.

Pagan Online Devs Lay Out the Road to Release with Big New Features Included

The Pagan Online team has posted a lengthy note on the game's Steam page to provide information to the community about what is in the works heading towards full retail release. "We know how Pagan Online should change in order to best transition from Early Access to release," the post reads. That includes responding to community feedback by tweaking existing systems and including brand new features over the course of the coming months.

Pagan Online Update Introduces Two-Player Co-Op Mode

For Pagan Online players, today's news that co-op has been brought online should come as a welcomed surprise. This is, according to the update notes, the first iteration of co-op. In addition, the hero controls have received a bit of tuning and the damage calculation model has been adjusted. Lastly, "a little bird tells us the new hotspots for farming epic materials are the Threats".

Pagan Online Bursts Into Early Access with Two New Trailers

Wargaming has taken everyone by surprise with the stealth launch of Pagan Online into Steam Early Access. To celebrate the EA launch, Wargaming has unleashed a pair of new trailers, one a cinematic look at the game and one focused completely on gameplay.

Pagan Online Devs Targeting Mid-February for the Next Alpha Event

The Pagan Online site has been updated with a new letter from Product Director Jacob Beucler and Creative Director Uros Banjesevic. In it, they speak to the recent "Trial" (alpha event) that did not go too well with servers having to be closed within hours of opening. The letter speaks to how hard the team has been working to correct the issues and that it is targeting a mid-February date for the next Trial.