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Blizzard Announces the Overwatch Champion Series as the Future of Overwatch Esports

Blizzard released a new blog update this week outlining the future of Overwatch esports following last year's discontinuation of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch 2's Next Support Hero, Lifeweaver, Debuted Today, Coming With Season 4

Overwatch 2 unveiled its next hero coming to the free-to-play multiplayer hero shooter today. Lifeweaver, a new support hero, is coming with Season 4, and aims to keep allies upright throughout those long, drawn out fights over a payload.

Overwatch 2 is Going Free to Play, Headed Our Way October 4th 2022

If you're an Overwatch fan then you'll be delighted to hear that Overwatch 2, will be launching on October 4 with a free-to-play model. Players will be able to join and take part in a Overwatch 2's persistent, always-evolving live service game on Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Overwatch Is Getting Cross-Play, But Not Cross-Progression

Overwatch is getting a substaintial update that will hopefully have a positive effect on game queues, as the team at Blizzard announced today that the hero shooter is getting cross play between PC and consoles. However, for those hoping for cross-progression, that will not be happening.

Overwatch 2 Will Get A Showcase Coming On May 20th

In his first update as game director of Overwatch, Aaron Keller confirmed that players will get a glimpse at Overwatch 2 later this month. Coming on May 20th, the team will be focusing on the PVP elements of the upcoming sequel to their 2016 hit.

Overwatch's Summer Games Coming Sooner Than You Expect

The latest Overwatch developer update is out and about. This time, Jeff Kaplan provides a brief update about what players can expect over the course of the summer. Most notably, Kaplan lets players know that the Summer Games event will be coming "sooner than you expect". In addition, a number of smaller tweaks will be added. For instance, if players complete an additional weekly challenge during the Summer Games, they can unlock an Epic Skin.

Overwatch 'Havana' Escort Map is Now Live

Blizzard has pushed out the latest map for Overwatch. The Havana map is based on the recent Archives event that takes players to "the heart of Cuba". Players will participate in an escort mission through "the old colonial fortifications and fight through the colorful streets of the iconic coastal city".

Storm Rising Blows Into Overwatch Tomorrow!

Starting Tuesday, April 16th and running through May 6th, Overwatch players will be able to take part in the latest Archives event, Storm Rising. During the event, players will learn more of Talon's activities in Cuba and can earn some cool skins, sprays, emotes, and much more along the way.

Overwatch Cosplay Battle, Europe Behind the Scenes

Blizzard is showcasing its Overwatch cosplay community with the Overwatch Cosplay Battle. The competition lasted three months with six teams of three cosplayers showing off their skill at creating the perfect look for their favorite Overwatch characters. The competition ended with a Grand Prize Winner chosen by Blizzard artists and cosplay professionals. Fans also selected a community favorite.

Overwatch Presents: Kongdole Production's Hero Story

The Overwatch team has posted a fun new video showing off KONGDOLE Productions and how they made "a fully functional Torbjorn turret". If you're a Torb fan, or just someone who appreciates seeing how a community loves the game, this is a fantastic video.