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Overwatch Articles

The Sport of Overwatch Hits Mainstream

This past weekend saw the Overwatch League host its finals in Brooklyn, NY. It was not the place you think of when it comes to esports or even Blizzard, yet NYC proved to host a massive showing of fans as the London Spitfire faced off against the Philadelphia Fusion.

Overwatch League Preseason Break Down

With high production values and surprising game play the Overwatch League kicked off into high gear last night with their preseason match ups. Some critics have thrown stones at the league, but Blizzard proved them wrong last night with a solid show for fans and hardcore Overwatch players.

Overwatch League – Presenting The San Francisco Shock

NRG Esports is a well-funded organization with some of the top investors run by Andy Miller. They were one of the first teams to enter into the Overwatch League. Now, they have unveiled their team, the San Francisco Shock.

Season Two Balance Patch Thoughts: Enter the Hanzone

Overwatch Season Two kicks off on September 6, but players can already sample the upcoming changes on the game’s PTR (public test realm). Last week, we discussed the basics of the new map, Eichenwalde, as well as the changes coming to competitive, but Blizzard is also including some fairly significant balance tweaks with the season two patch. We’ve spent some time digesting the tweaks, so read on for our take on what’s to come.

The New Eichenwalde Map & Changes to Competitive Play in September

September is shaping up to be an interesting month for Overwatch. Blizzard recently released a new developer update video in which game director Jeff Kaplan outlined significant changes coming to competitive play in season two. Blizzard also unveiled Eichenwalde, the game’s first post-launch map, heading into this year’s Gamescom.

Summer Games & Ban Waves

Blizzard surprised Overwatch fans with two things this week: another massive ban wave for cheaters and the deployment of Summer Games 2016, an update including Overwatch’s first seasonal event. Both were welcome surprises, though the Summer Games event has stirred up some controversy in the Overwatch community.

Ana Patch Impressions

Blizzard’s latest Overwatch patch brings with it the first new post-launch character release in Ana, a new support character with some interesting twists. The patch also makes some significant changes to a number of characters on the roster, which may really shake things up in the meta over the coming weeks.

When Games Inspire: The Overwatch Edition

Overwatch has exploded onto the scene and in a little under a month is already boasting 10million players. Even though Overwatch has only been out about a month fans have been hard at work creating ever since the game was first announced; which makes this a great time to start looking at some of the incredible creations out there.

Mei, Genji, and D.Va Impressions

Blizzard unveiled the final three Overwatch heroes at this year’s BlizzCon and I have to say that all three really piqued my curiosity. The new characters joined the Overwatch beta roster in yesterday’s patch and I’ve spent a bit of time taking them all for a spin.