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Outriders Team Confident They've Figured Out Part of the Damage Mitigation Issues - Patch Pending

Outriders development team, People Can Fly, addressed an issue that has troubled the player base at large for weeks. Players have been complaining that damage-mitigation from armor, stops working. Some players have found that unequipping your armor and requipping it will remedy the issue temporarily, but results have been mixed. PCF, in a recent tweet, noted that they are hot on the trail of this bug, and hope to have it fixed very soon.

Outriders Releases Largest Patch to Date - Fixes, Rebalancing Galore but New Problems Emerge

People Can Fly (PCF) has been hard at work fixing many of the bugs that plague the popular title Outriders. The latest patch fixes one of the most beloved bugs in the game, rebalances some enemies, and much more. The patch does not, however, restore gear to those that were affected by the gear-wipe problem that many Outriders players experienced last month, and some reddit posts detailing new issues with mods and signing-in have been reported.

Outriders' Developer People Can Fly Expands - Takes Over Phosphor Games Development Team

People Can Fly (PCF), the developer behind the popular game Outriders has recently opened its seventh location as they take over the Phosphor Games' development team. This will be the third studio for People Can Fly in North America.

Outriders Talks Inventory Restoration, Stadia, Future Patches, More

People Can Fly, the team behind looter-shooter Outriders, has issued a dev update discussing what's next for the game including inventory restoration, Stadia updates, future patches, and more.

Outriders Receives Patch Addressing Inventory Wipe Bug

People Can Fly continue to address the inventory wipe issue experienced by many players in Outriders. This latest update aims to be a more permanent solution to the issue.

Outriders Continuing to Tackle Inventory Wipe Issue

People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, have been plugging away on the inventory wipe issue plaguing the game of late. It seems that an end may be in sight, however, given some progress made over the weekend.

Outriders Apologizes for Inventory Wipe Bug, Outlines Gear Restoration Plan

Outriders released April 1st and was met with mixed reactions as servers were slammed, and crashes prevented players from a smooth experience. Recently, a massive bug that is clearing player inventories, including their equipped gear, has wreaked immeasurable havoc, and People Can Fly (PCF) wants players to know they plan to do something about it.

Outriders Servers See Improvements Over the Weekend

Outriders, the looter shooter always-online non-live service game from developers People Can Fly, has had a pretty rough launch with matchmaking issues, server instability, and mass stuttering on PC. It looks like inroads were made over the weekend to address these issues.

Outriders Issues Workaround for PC Stuttering

Outriders has been having a pretty rough launch on PC when it comes to stability and performance. The team behind the game, People Can Fly, have been working behind the scenes to alleviate some of these problem, and have today issued another update regarding the stuttering on PC.

Looks Like Outriders Is Suffering From LogIn Issues On Launch Day

Outriders launched today across myriad devices, and it hasn't been without issues. Like most always online games, login issues as well as other online matchmaking issues have plagued an otherwise impressive launch for the new IP.

Outriders Launches Today Across PC, Consoles, and Stadia

Outriders, the latest loot-based third-person cover shooter from developers People Can Fly, has finally released on all platforms including PC, consoles, and Stadia. Here's what you need to know.

Outriders Is Branding Cheaters Permanently With On-Screen Watermarks, Matchmaking Delays

As Outriders preps for its April 1st launch next week, the team at People Can Fly have detailed some of what players can expect with its first week, including how it plans on handling cheaters on PC.

Outriders Will Release on Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

Over the weekend, rumors swirled that the upcoming looter shooter, Outriders would be headed to Xbox Game Pass. Rumor no more, today, it was confirmed that Square Enix's hotly anticipated title will release on Xbox Game Pass on April 1st - Launch Day!

Outriders Demo Boasts Over 9.5 Million Hours Played

People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, has released several stats about the demo of their game which went live last month on February 25.

Outriders Demo Update 'Fixes' - Then Backtracks on Loot Drop Changes

Outriders has been quite popular since the demo for the game released late last month. People Can Fly updated the demo, pushing out some changes, one of which included a controversial loot drop change, that the community was not so happy with.