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Outriders New Horizon Update Coming Tomorrow, With Full Expansion Plans for Next Year

There's a brand new update for Outriders coming tomorrow, and it will make multiple major changes to the game. New Horizon changes Expeditions, makes legendary items less grindy to acquire, balances skills, and improves multiplayer.

Upcoming Outriders Patch Fixes Self-Revive Bug

The next patch for Outriders is currently in the works, but the team at People Can Fly have shared a preview of what you can expect.

Outriders' People Can Fly Hasn't Received Royalties from Square Enix Due to Lack of Profits

The folks at People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, claimed through an investor note they haven't been paid royalties from publisher Square Enix, pointing to lack of profitability.

Outriders Patch Buffs All Classes

Do you like buffs? Well, it looks like everyone gets a buff with the latest Outriders patch, available now.

Outriders Talks Next Patch, Fixes, More

People Can Fly, the team behind Outriders, has taken to Reddit to discuss future patch news, upcoming fixes, and more.

Outriders Patch Now Ignores AFK Matchmaking

Outriders finally received its patch last week which brought about improved matchmaking which now ignores AFKs, an improved sign-in process on Xbox, and more.

Outriders Patch Delayed to Thursday

The latest Outrider's patch, originally set to release yesterday, has been delayed to Thursday. The team at People Can Fly provided additional information on the delay.

Outriders Re-Runs Player Appreciation Package - 'There's a Unique Legendary Waiting for You'

It's nice to be appreciated, but in Outriders, some players were a little unhappy that the appreciation package given to them by developer People Can Fly, came with a Legendary Item they already had, or in some cases, no Legendary Item at all. This past week PCF has remedied the situation by re-releasing the Appreciation Package, but this time, players should see a Unique Legendary.

Outriders Patch Will Double Legendary Drop Rates

If you're still playing Outriders, you'll know one of the longest standing issues of contention within the community has been Legendary drop rates. Well, a new patch is on the way and will effectively double Legendary drop rates.

Outriders Patch Brings Region-Based Matchmaking to Improve Connections

A recent update for Outriders has brought about region-based matchmaking to improve connections, plus several other updates. Read on for more details.

Outriders Discusses Balancing, Next Patch, Known Issues

The most recent Dev News post from Outriders devs, People Can Fly, discusses balancing, the next patch, and known issues with the community.

Outriders Saw More Than 3.5 Million Unique Players Its First Month

Outriders, amidst its myriad issues, saw over 3.5 million players jump into the new IP within its first month of launch, according to Square Enix.

Outriders Team Confident They've Figured Out Part of the Damage Mitigation Issues - Patch Pending

Outriders development team, People Can Fly, addressed an issue that has troubled the player base at large for weeks. Players have been complaining that damage-mitigation from armor, stops working. Some players have found that unequipping your armor and requipping it will remedy the issue temporarily, but results have been mixed. PCF, in a recent tweet, noted that they are hot on the trail of this bug, and hope to have it fixed very soon.

Outriders Releases Largest Patch to Date - Fixes, Rebalancing Galore but New Problems Emerge

People Can Fly (PCF) has been hard at work fixing many of the bugs that plague the popular title Outriders. The latest patch fixes one of the most beloved bugs in the game, rebalances some enemies, and much more. The patch does not, however, restore gear to those that were affected by the gear-wipe problem that many Outriders players experienced last month, and some reddit posts detailing new issues with mods and signing-in have been reported.

Outriders' Developer People Can Fly Expands - Takes Over Phosphor Games Development Team

People Can Fly (PCF), the developer behind the popular game Outriders has recently opened its seventh location as they take over the Phosphor Games' development team. This will be the third studio for People Can Fly in North America.