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Outlaws of the Old West Articles

New Outlaws of the Old West Update Brings Farming & Homesteads to Cowpokes

Cowpokes playing Outlaws of the Old West will enjoy the largest update so far that bring both farming and homesteading into the game. Players will be able to customize objects around the town and will be able to engage in a number of farming activities such as churning butter and many others.

Outlaws of the Old West & the Vast American Wilderness

I've had a chance to play Outlaws of the Old West over the past couple of days. Virtual Basement has created a drop-dead gorgeous world that one can literally get lost in. Its stunning vistas promise a game filled with the wonders of old time America and the thrill of discovery that that era brought to explorers, pioneers and bandits alike. Logging in, that's what I expected but the reality was something different.

Snail Games Introduces Outlaws of the Old West with This Trailer

Snail Games is headed to the American West of the 19th Century when Outlaws of the Old West makes its debut on Steam Early Access on March 12th.

Snail Games' Outlaws of the Old West Gallopin' Forth into Early Acces in March

Snail Games has announced a new publishing division called Wandering Wizard and its first task is to bring Outlaws of the Old West to players around the world. Developed by Virtual Basement, the game is described as "an open world sandbox crafting and survival game" that seeks to be "the ultimate Western experience". Players will find themselves in the midst of the American Old West where they'll have to "hunt, forage, mine and craft for their very survival".