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    Virtual Basement
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    Early Access
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Outlaws of the Old West Overview

Welcome to Outlaws of the Old West, a open world sandbox survival experience set in the untamed Wild West of the United States. To conquer this unforgiving land, players will have to hunt, forage, mine and craft for their very survival.

With a vast open world map, a massive 150 person player server, settlement customization, player-created narratives & economy and an elaborate morality system, every Outlawsadventure will be completely unique.

Players can mine for gold, trade with players, purchase deeds for player run shops, vendors and auction houses as well as become a hired guns/guards and much more.

  • Servers | The game will support a massive 150 person player server. Early Access will also launch with RP, PVE, PVP servers and a dedicated host system allowing unofficial servers.
  • Map Exploration | Travel as a single or team up to form a group and explore a vast 12k x 12k open world map with deserts, plains, swamps, and mountainous tundra terrain with appropriate corresponding weather and temperature, animals, gear and assets.
  • Player Driven Narrativ | Players decide the direction of the server(s) and the game. With the morality system, players can build a reputation as a region defender, protecting other players and settlements from gangs –or become a cold-blooded outlaw terrorizing the locals.
  • Settlement Customization | Construct unique camps, settlements and forts or even become the mayor of a town, where weary travelers can rest their heads, and aspiring traders both players and NPCS alike can set up shop can sell their wares
  • Crafting & Harvesting | Craft a wide array of tools and firearms to survive the harsh wilderness, and defend those who are important to your player. For nourishment, players must live off the land –they can farm crops, fish, hunt and care for livestock.