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    Unity 3D
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    Space Boat Studios
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Out of Reach Overview

Out of Reach is an open world MMO RPG focused on survival, exploration and crafting. You’ll begin your journey as a castaway on one of the archipelago’s islands, with worn-out shorts and sand in your mouth. What happens next is totally up to you. You can decide to stay, build a home and make nature your servant, or try to escape by boat to other, more friendly islands with different weather and environmental conditions. Whatever you do, be aware that in order to survive in the wild, you’ll need to explore the land of plains, deserts, caves and rainforests looking for food, shelter and fire. And more than once you’ll be forced to face wild animals as well as the island’s inhabitants who will not always be friendly.


  • Travel across an archipelago full of mountains, caves and forests. | Do it running, swimming or sailing on interactive steamer-like boats. Stay alone or play accompanied by dozens of other players. Fly around and attack your opponent’s bases from gliders.
  • Collect lots of resources with tools and weapons. | Craft necessary stuff using workshops like furnaces and anvils. Build shelters or strongholds with over 30 kinds of building components.
  • Take the ownership of buildings. | Become the owner by putting the Builder’s Desk inside. Assign your buddies “Guest” or “Builder” roles. Protect your stronghold against unwanted visitors.
  • Earn achievements passive and active skills, and improve your stats. | Form clans, share bases and maintain a reputation that tells the other players if you’re a friend or a foe. Upgrade armors and buildings, and invade or defend structures using siege weapons like trebuchets, ballistae, boulder throwers and traps.
  • Join one of many private or official servers that are currently prepared for the Steam Early Access version of the game. | Dive into the world of Out of Reach, available for everyone with Windows, Mac or Linux OS. Choose between rooms with different modes like PvE, PvP and special “Speed” servers.