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Otherland Articles

Otherland Updated with Fire Isle Expansion

Otherland has grown with a new expansion called Fire Island. Players will find ninety new quests and ten new locations for exploration. In addition, a number of technical improvements have been made, a new social class and legendary weapons have been included.

Tad Williams Meets with the MMO Dev Team About Future Plans & Stories

Otherland author Tad Williams is in Krakow to meet with members of the Drago Entertainment development team, the very folks who are working to bring his vision of Otherland to life in an MMO. During the course of the meetings, Williams revealed that he is "working on a new Otherland story -- which is actually a very short novel". He and Drago are brainstorming ways to "offer parts of it for free through the game".

On Fire Island, Tad Williams, Community Concerns & More

Drago Games has been hard at work on Otherland, an MMO based on the widely acclaimed novels by Tad Williams. Recently, the team announced the Fire Isle expansion, a new, related short story by Mr. Williams and more. We chatted with the team about those things as well as the challenges of rebuilding both the game and the Otherland community.

Fire Isle Expansion Coming Along with Tie-In Tad Williams Story

Drago Entertainment has big news for Otherland Online fans with the announcement today of the Fire Isle expansion heading into the game this summer. In addition, they also announced that Tad Williams "has been inspired to write a new short story, which will be centered around the mythical 5Isle, a region that has been created for our MMO and never been included in the books before." The story will be released on or around the same time as the expansion.

Revisiting Drago's Vision of Tad Williams' World

Over the past few days, I've been playing Drago Entertainment's Otherland, an MMO that came out in 2015 and that is based on the wildly popular fantasy novels by Tad Williams. Over the course of the last nine months or so, Drago has taken over creative control of the game that seemed to have lost its vision early on. While things aren't perfect...yet...developers are committed to bringing Otherland back from the edge.

Over 130 New Quests to be Added in Response to Player Feedback

The Otherland Facebook page has been updated with a post to let the community know that the dev team has heard player requests for more activities outside the main storyline. In response, the May update will include 15 new hubs with 130 new quests will be added.

Forthcoming Update to Create a Digital Resemblance of the Universe

Drago Entertainment took time today to acknowledge the 21st anniversary of the Otherland franchise and to reaffirm its commitment to the Otherland MMO to "create a digital resemblance of the Otherland universe". As part of their ongoing renewal process, Drago developers have been hard at work overhauling a number of game features including the UI, the tutorial, class skills, character customization, performance and much more.

UI to be Overhauled to Remove 'Dated' Look

The Otherland Steam page has been updated to give players a heads up that the UI will be undergoing some changes to provide a more "modern" look. The developer acknowledges that the team was aware of the "shortcomings" of the UI, but that it was lower on the priority list when first starting to revamp the game systems. However, now the time to address the interface.

After a Long Silence, DRAGO Speaks of Woes & a Better Future

Otherland launched into Steam Early Access in September 2016. DRAGO had been in charge of bringing the game back after the original developers' studio (RealU) closed. DRAGO devs were allowed to communicate with fans and to provide updates. However, after the release of Otherland on Steam, a new publisher was brought in by the game's backers, a group that had been with the game from the very beginning. The publisher insisted that it would handle all communication, hence the start of issues.

Full Release Achieved!

Gamigo has announced that Otherland is now in full commercial release after a successful open beta phase. During open beta, players provided feedback to the team to better prepare Otherland for release. To celebrate, a new game entry has been included as well as a redesigned class testing area to assist players in understanding their class mechanics.

Open Beta for F2P Version Begins

Gamigo has announced that Otherland is going free to play and to get players ready for the launch, open beta has officially kicked off in the world based on Tad Williams' iconic stories. The game has undergone a number of improvements and devs have added functionality to the game over the last several weeks, most notably in performance.

Crafting Overhauled in Latest Update

The Otherland team has posted the extensive notes from the latest game update. Most significantly, crafting has been completely reworked and that will "make crafted items the backbone of gearing up to steer Otherland towards a more player driven economy".

Factions to be Introduced in Today's Update

Gamigo has announced that the Steam version of Otherland will be updated today with a significant patch that brings factions into the game along with several issues resolved including display problems and more.

Drago Returns the Game to Steam

Fans of Otherland will be happy to hear that the game has returned to Steam after having been removed earlier this year. A new update is scheduled to be released soon with a new level cap, factions, dailies, epic gear and more.

Latest Update to Reveal New Zone

Drago-Entertainment has announced that Otherland will be offline for approximately three hours beginning at 5:30 am Pacific / 8:30 am Eastern to deploy the latest game update. Included in the forthcoming patch is the new zone called Water Isle. Developers have indicated that players can expect more quests, more rewards and a level cap increase.