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Osiris: New Dawn Articles

First Adventures on Proteus 2

The first day of early access for Osiris: New Dawn has come and gone, and our Bill Murphy survived to tell the tale of his first official adventures on Proteus 2. As we wrote back in our PAX West preview, Osiris is a smaller-scale MMO where players are in the dozens per server, not hundreds (at least not yet). That said, Bill’s found that going solo or on a private multiplayer server is probably your best bet for now.

A Tale of Two Worlds Made By Three People

Every year at PAX West there are one or two surprises when we sit down for our appointments with loads of independent developers. This year was no different, and Fenix Fire Entertainment Osiris: New Dawn is an amazing example of what a few people with patience and a load of talent and imagination can do. A brand new sci-fi adventure sandbox with MMO trappings, it’s definitely one to watch as it nears Early Access this month.