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The Rise of Zer

The Rise of Zer, coming soon to Osiris: New Dawn. Explore the blistering hot surface of an all new planet, wrought with ferocious beasts and unforgiving temperatures.

Architect Update Goes Live, Big Steam Sale Announced

If you've been on the fence about whether or not to grab a copy of Osiris: New Dawn, this may be your golden opportunity. With today's deployment of The Architect content expansion, the game and its features have grown exponentially. Add in a hefty 33% discount and you can have tons of space-faring fun for $24.99.

The Architect Content Update Arrives

Osiris: New Dawn has been updated with a large content expansion called The Architect. Players can look forward to new structures, walls, utilities and other items to assist with building. According to the team, this greatly expands players' abilities to craft anything imaginable. In addition, melee combat has been improved, skill trees have been rebalanced and much more.

BugKiller Patch Released, Steam Sale Begins

Osiris: New Dawn has been updated with the "BugKiller" patch that, as the name implies, squashes a number of bugs in the game. According to the team, the "vast majority" of the reported bugs in the game have been fixed.

Proteus II Unearthed Update Released

Osiris: New Dawn has been updated with the Proteus Unearthed patch that brings a host of new content into the game. Players can look forward to several new features including and overhaul of the Proteus map, the new Ranger class, the Osiris Mines to explore, new visuals and graphics upgrades, an updated Missions System, new aliens and the melee combo system.

Proteus II Unearthed Update Going Live on April 27th

Osiris: New Dawn will be getting a massive update on April 27th. Called Proteus II Unearthed, the update is going to bring a host of new features, new content to explore to bring new experiences to players around the world. To show off a brief snip of the new content, Fenix Fire released a new video.

Spotlight on Steam Weekend Sale for 20% Off

If you've been waiting to purchase Osiris: New Dawn, the sci-fi space survival sim, this weekend may be the one to inspire you to do so. The game is part of the Steam Weekend Sale and will be sporting a nifty 20% discount and coming in at a cool $19.99.

Dawn of Aziel Content Update Takes Off

Osiris: New Dawn has been patched with the Dawn of Aziel content update. Players will find themselves in exploring the frozen environs of the planet Aziel. This is the first major update to Osiris: New Dawn and is packed with new weapons, structures, crafting utilities, new creatures, "random world events" and much more.

First Major Content Update Coming on December 15th

The Osiris: New Dawn team has revealed the first information about the large content update that will be deployed on December 15th. Dawn of Aziel will add new equipment and items and the frozen world of Aziel to the game. Players will also find new craftable melee weapons and new outdoor utilities including a ChemStation and a 3D printer.

Team Grows, Development Responds to Player Feedback

An extensive developer update has been posted to the Osiris: New Dawn Steam page to give Early Access players a look at what the team has been working on most recently and what is in the pipeline for the immediate future. Of particular note is the announcement that the team has grown from two to ten, hopefully to increase production.

Latest Update Adds PvE Servers

The latest Osiris: New Dawn update has been deployed that most notably adds PvE servers. In addition, players now have more spawn locations with a larger area of randomization, structure limits have been doubled and destructible items have been added. The update resulted in a server wipe, something the team indicates will be infrequent and only as needed for the early access title.

Lets Play with RipperX

RipperX jumps into Osiris: New Dawn for a beginning playthrough of the game.

 Lets Play with RipperX #1

RipperX jumps into Osiris: New Dawn for a beginning playthrough of the game. Official Site: http://osirisnewdawn.com/index.html MMORPG: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1451/osiris-new-dawn.html STEAM: http://store.steampowered.com/app/402710/ The year is 2046 and mankind’s discovery of near-lightspeed "fold engine" propulsion has empowered mankind's Osiris expeditionary missions to the Gliese 581 system. You are the second colonization team sent by the U.N.E. (United Na

First Adventures on Proteus 2

The first day of early access for Osiris: New Dawn has come and gone, and our Bill Murphy survived to tell the tale of his first official adventures on Proteus 2. As we wrote back in our PAX West preview, Osiris is a smaller-scale MMO where players are in the dozens per server, not hundreds (at least not yet). That said, Bill’s found that going solo or on a private multiplayer server is probably your best bet for now.

Steam Launch Day Arrives with Brand New Trailer

Fenix Fire has sent out a brand new trailer to celebrate the Early Access Steam launch of Osiris: New Dawn that officially kicks off today. You can check out the trailer below and leave us your thoughts in the comments.