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    Robot Entmt.
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    12/31/16 (04/08/2019)
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Orcs Must Die: Unchained Overview

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is the third game in the Orcs Must Die! series and a free to play online siege MOBA. the game draws elements of the first two games in the series, both action tower defense titles, complete with traps, hordes of enemy waves, and bases to defend. Unchained adds competitive online play where players can choose to play a particular character archetype, including the series' War Mage and Sorceress, as well as multiple other heroes in an effort to compete as teams of 5v5 to gain access to the opposite team's base and take it down. Many traps from the series make a return in Unchained, as well as enemy types like orcs, kobolds, trolls, and others, as well as new powers, traps, and even bosses to unleash, minion spawns, and other MOBA style elements. There's also a progression system.

  • Orcs Must Die Again |This competitive online entry in the Orcs Must Die! series brings a blend of the original's tower defense and MOBA style gameplay together with the humor of the originals.
  • Choose Your Hero | In addition to the seires' War Mage and Sorceress, players can choose from many heroes to choose to play. More will be released over time. A progression system will enable accounts to develop over time and in-game heroes to gain passives each session.
  • Creative Ways to Slay | Many traps and weapons return from the series, including player favorite wall traps, boulders, slowing traps, and more. Some classes get unique traps depending on which hero played, so players can choose their approach.