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    Unreal Engine
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    Starry Studio
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    Beta Testing
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Once Human Overview

Once Human developed by Starry Studio and publishd by NetEase Games is a sci-fi horror survival MMO. In a post-apocalyptic world transformed by an alien creature called Stardust, you are a Meta-Human with the ability to survive its contamination and harness its power. You can either play solo or join others in this challenging environment. The game focuses on several key aspects:

Survival in the Wilderness: You start in an unknown location and must endure nature's hardships, including monsters and scarcity of food. Stardust affects everything, including soil and water, and consuming contaminated resources lowers your Sanity, affecting your health. You have to manage your vitals to stay alive.

Combat with Monsters: Engage in battles with former humans turned enemies and face dimensional bosses to obtain powerful items and lessen Stardust's pollution. Your fight is not just for personal survival but also for the sake of other survivors. You can also battle other players for territory control and resources. This is called Chaos Mode.

Weapon Customization: The game offers around 100 gun blueprints across seven categories, along with various accessories and perks. You can extensively modify and upgrade your weapons.

Building and Relocating Territory: You can build your own living space, from simple practical setups to elaborate homes with multiple features. A unique aspect is the ability to relocate your territory whenever desired.

Unraveling Stardust’s Mystery: The game involves uncovering the origins and intentions of Stardust. The world is populated with different factions, some hostile and others helpful. You have the choice to interact with these factions, explore human settlements, and decide your approach to bosses and survivors.