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Omerta 3 Overview

Omerta is a free-to-play mafia-style MMORPG set primarily in 1930s Italy and New York. The game and allows players to take on the role of a mobster, and bet on car races, rob banks, take out hits on rivals, engage in street fights, run a booze business, club, or casino, and more.

The latest iteration of the game, Omerta 3, includes several new features, including a revamped PK system that only permits characters of a similar level to attack each other, many brand-new items at all levels, including items to protect your character when you're offline, new weapons and vehicles.

Other features include a hierarchical network to join with friends, with bonus unlocks at each rung, as well as maps with businesses to run that come with associated benefits for your mafia family. This system lets players raid another family's business and steal the benefits or even take the whole thing over, stirring up turf wars.

10 Years As the Mafia King

Omerta is celebrating ten years as the world's biggest mafia game. To further spotlight the game's anniversary, the team is encouraging players to recruit new members to their crime families. The one recruiting the most, wins!

Free In Game Gifts!

MMORPG.com has been given some special gift keys for the text based mobster game "Omerta" - each key will give you special in game items.

Goes Live!

The text-based browser MMOG, Omerta has gone live with its 3rd iteration today, Omerta 3.