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Odin Quest Overview

Odin Quest is a free to play browser online action RPG developed and published by Gamebox based on Nordic mythology. Players can choose from five classes and get into the action, take on dungeons, acquire and upgrade pets, and more.


  • Warrior | Equip a Heavy Sword to wade into battle with close-range melee attacks.
  • Mage | Wield a Staff and attack your foes with long-range magic attacks.
  • Priest | Use your Harp to heal and support your fellows from long range.
  • Hunter | Equip a Rifle to make long-range, multi-target attacks.
  • Assassin | Harness your agility and use Daggers to make close-range, high-crit attacks.

GameBox to Publish in NA and EU

GameBox has announced that it has obtained the exclusive publishing rights for Odin Quest for both North America and the European Union. Odin Quest is a browser-based action RPG.

Pandaria Opens... the server that is.

Odin Quest is opening a brand new server with a name that might seem coincidental... if by coincidental you mean purposeful. Called Pandaria, publisher YouJoy is pleased to announce that Odin Quest's new server is live and running and without actual Pandaren. Because that would be too far.

Players Guided to Raising Rating

Odin Quest Developers have released a new guide to assist players of the Norse-themed MMO-ARPG with raising their rating, a sign of power within the game. The guide gives advice about daily quests, taking on more difficult monsters, dungeons and more.