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Novus Aeterno Articles

3D Capital Ships Coming As Stretch Goal

The Novus Aeterno team has been hoping to be able to announce that capital ships will be part of the game at launch. Standing in the way of that announcement has been the viability of such a thing based on both money and developer hours. Thanks to a partnership with OKTA Studios, the first steps towards the goal is already in the works.

Believe in a Seamless Persistent MMORTS

Earlier this week I sat down with with Nick Nieuwoudt from Taitale Studios and had the chance to play Novus Aeterno live on our stream. Novus Aeterno is an MMORTS that is massive not just because it hopes to fit upwards of 30,000 people on a server but because the scope of the game is very ambitious. Read on for my own impressions, as well as Bill Murphy’s who had a private demo with Nick as well.

Walking Through the Stars with Nick Nieuwoudt

Recently, Rob Lashley took a live developer tour of the MMORTS Novus Aeterno in its alpha form. Nick Nieuwoudt, lead developer and the man who designed the game at 16 (beginning 5 years ago), was on hand to guide Rob and show us that the MMORTS is not only a possibility but also quite damn impressive in scope.

Novus Aeterno - A Seamless AAA MMORTS

Novus Aeterno is described by its team as a "seamless AAA MMORTS" that is aimed squarely at fans of both MMO and RTS genres. We caught up with Taitale Studios CEO Nick Nieuwoudt to talk about Novus Aeterno. See what he's got to say before leaving your impressions in the comments.

Preparing to Launch Kickstarter Initiative

The Novus Aeterno team has announced that a Kickstarter initiative to help complete the funding needs of the upcoming MMORTS will kick off later today. Novus Aeterno has been in development for several years and is nearing completion.

New Video Shows Game Play

For the first time, fans of Novus Aeterno can check out some game play footage thanks to the release of a brand new video the team has released on YouTube. Check it out!

The Next Evolutionary Step

Novus Aeterno was our winner for Most Innovative Game at PAX Prime 2012 for good reason: It's an up-and-comer that will shake both MMO and RTS genres to their very core. Keep reading to find out why. Been following Novus Aeterno? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.