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No Man's Sky Articles

No Man's Sky Experimental Branch Fixes NPC Navigation Crash

The latest experimental branch patch for No Man's Sky prevents NPCs from getting stuck.

No Man's Sky Experimental Branch Brings Fixes and Improvements to Prisms

There's a new experimental branch of No Man's Sky available for you dive into. This branch brings about tons of fixes and some convenient quality of life updates. Here are the details.

No Man's Sky Prisms Update Brings DLSS, Near-Total Visual Overhaul

No Man's Sky received a stealth update recently bringing several visual improvements to the space exploration sandbox game in their Prisms update.

No Man's Sky Receives Nvidia's DLSS, Bringing DLSS to VR For First Time

Nvidia has announced a slate of titles receiving their machine learning image scaling technology, DLSS. One of these games is No Man's Sky. And, in a first for the technology, DLSS will also work in VR. Here are the details in case you're interested in checking it out.

No Man's Sky Experimental Patch Fixes Crashes and More

A new experimental patch has been released for space exploration game, No Man's Sky. The patch is set to contain several fixes and addresses some crashing experienced by some players. Here's what you can expect in the patch, and how to opt into the experimental branch on Steam.

No Man's Sky Expeditions Brings New Multiplayer-Focused Features In Latest Update

No Man's Sky has been quietly improving its procedurally generated space exploration game since its initial launch in 2016, and today players have received yet another update. Expeditions, which focuses in how players can play together, launched today for No Man's Sky. 

Your No Man's Sky Companion Now Correctly Defends You as Part of Experimental Branch Patch

Following the recent companion update to No Man's Sky, developer Hello Games has pushed out several fixes in the experimental branch, including one which now sees your companion defend you from other creatures.

No Man's Sky Update Brings Alien Companions You Can Adopt

In its latest update, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has added alien companions to the experience, letting players adopt their very own alien pet to accompany them on their journey.

No Man's Sky Next Gen Patch 3.13 Now Out Bringing Many Fixes

No Man's Sky's latest patch 3.13 focuses on several fixes currently live on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

No Man's Sky Experimental Patch Fixes Crashes On AMD Cards

A new experimental patch for No Man's Sky brings about several fixes to the recently released Origins update, including crashes for AMD cards.

No Man's Sky's Newest Content Update is Called Origins and it Releases Next Week

Hello Games has announced that No Man's Sky's latest content drop, dubbed Origins, is set to release next week.

Hello Games' Sean Murray Talks About Studios' 'Huge, Ambitious Game' In New Interview

No Man's Sky has definitely recovered from its launch just a few years ago, with the team pumping out update after update to improve the experience and bring it closer to the vision gamers were promised in 2016. Now, Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games is talking, albeit vaguely, about his team's next upcoming project in a new interview.

No Man's Sky Experimental Branch Targets Intel GPUs

New No Man's Sky experimental content was released to the branch earlier, bringing a rather odd change.

No Man's Sky Introduces Desolation Update

Hello Games has announced a new update for No Man's Sky, entitled Desolation. Fans that are familiar with No Man's Sky and the way they procedurally generate content will be happy to hear that Hello Games is keeping with that design decision with procedurally-generated freighters that players can find throughout the universe.

No Man's Sky Receives Cross Play Tomorrow

No Man's Sky is set to receive cross play tomorrow, June 11, among a host of other features and improvements.