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No Man's Sky Beyond VR Impressions

The experience delivered by VR is unbelievably difficult to convey. Right now, you’re reading this on a screen -- a 2D experience. You experience 3D games through this 2D window. VR is so much more than 3D. It is a physical presence which, in that moment you are experiencing it, convinces your brain is completely 100% real. In normal gaming, you may press E to interact with something. In VR, you physically reach out to interact with it. You can imagine my dilemma, then, when it came time to describe my VR experience in No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Missions [Re]Started

No Man’s Sky has really become far more developed since launch and the mission system is a big part of that. Red Thomas takes a look at the mission system in the game and makes some suggestions for how players might get the most out of their time running missions.

Economy [Re]Started

Red Thomas has continued playing Post-Next No Man’s Sky and has put together a rough guide for the economy since the game patched. Drastic changes in resources and system trading has completely trashed old guides, so here’s a little to get you restarted.

Getting [Re]Started

Red Thomas takes a look at the Next update for No Man’s Sky and provides this handy getting started (or re-started) guide for players new to the game or returning from a long self-imposed hiatus.

Is It Just TOO Chill?

Many of you are glued to streams wondering if the ever so polarizing No Man’s Sky is worth buying. So is our own Timothy Eisen. Read on to see what he has observed so far.