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Next Island Overview

Next Island is a planet within the Entropia Universe MMORPG. 

Join the Elysian Alliance in building a Utopia, or find your own journey through interdimensional travel. Mythical creatures, art, fashion, culture and warring tribes leave you with many paths to choose. Earn real-world money through the real cash economy system by taking on various tasks, quests, missions such as hunting dangerous wildlife, producing goods for fellow colonists, and mining for valuable resources.

Use your hard-earned cash to learn hundreds of skills, in . If you have the cash and necessary skills and equipment, you can set up your own business, rent a shop, and peddle your services to anyone in need. You can also purchase land and other properties to do with as you wish, or invest in Ancient Greece shares that pay regular dividends. Travel across the planet in a variety of vehicles or provide transport services to other players. Will you join the fallen in conflict for control or rise above the turmoil hidden within this paradise?


  • Real Economy System – currency earned in the game doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Project Entropia Dollars (PED) have real value and circulates just like real-world currencies and can even be converted to real-world cash.
  • Vast Open-World – explore a lush tropical planet teeming with life, with little to no restrictions on what you can or can’t do. You can also travel to other planets within the universe. No regional servers, play with 100% of other players within the same networked server space.
  • In-Depth Character Creation ­– customize your avatar with a large array of options from hairstyle and color to more minute details like eye size, nose length, and ear position. Access advanced avatar customization through skills and tools yourself or pay other players to modify your avatar.
  • Flexible Sandbox Gameplay – play the game your way. Go on MMORPG-style quests for local factions or to slay the Gorgon, plunder and loot other players as a space pirate, spend your time partying in clubs, or use your entrepreneurial skills to open and run your own business.
  • Buy and Own Property – make enough money and you can purchase a piece of land to build a house, a shop, a club, a resort, or a hunting/mining reserve. Property and trade allow you to earn and evolve with the rest of Next Island's population.