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Issue 170, March 9, 2009
In the news
Game Update 1.2 for Warhammer Online went live last week, adding the Choppa and Slayer careers, and opening Mythic's official WAR forums.

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Nexon announced the release of Pioneers of Iria last week, the latest expansion for Mabinogi.

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NCsoft ended services for Tabula Rasa last week after announcing last last year that the game would be shut down in February 2009.

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Featured Article: Impressions of 1.2 Managing Editor Jon Wood reports on three of the most visible features of last week's Update 1.2 for Mythic's Warhammer Online, the new map features, the grouping tool and the rally call system.

Last night, I gathered a number of my friends and logged into Warhammer Online not only to check out the new Live Event, but also to see the practical application of those pages and pages of patch notes that bombarded us when we first heard about patch 1.2. In this article, I wanted to share some of my early experiences with the new event, and of course, the new patch.

I've always thought that the map was one of the aspects of WAR that needed a good overhaul. As it was, it felt like a very static thing that more or less just sat there. It always seemed to provide just enough information (beyond the obvious location of things) to make you want more.

You can read the full article here.
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Blog Spotlight: Darkfall Guild Functionality
Our good friend Paragus has written another insightful blog post, this time looking at the guild system in Aventuirne's recently launched and controversial MMO, Darkfall.

Darkfall: Guild Functionality

Those of you who are familiar with my some of my articles may know that one aspect of MMO's that is important to me as a guild leader is guild functionality. In my recent review of the Darkfall Beta, I didn't really have a chance to delve into this side of the game. The few guildmates I had in the beta with me were more focused about gathering general information about the game, but now that Darkfall has gone live, my guild has been able to take a look at what is a surprisingly deep guild user interface.

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This week's Game of the Week is Fusion Fall.

Back in January the Cartoon Network launched Fusion Fall, their youth oriented MMO based in a universe featuring characters from several of the network's original series, including Samurai Jack, the Power Puff Girls, Ben 10, and others.

Since then's Carolyn Koh has been playing the game to see what it's all about and to pen a review based on her experiences.

FusionFall is a modified browser game. Players have to install the Unity 3-D engine that's described as "Flash-like" technology.

For a browser based game, the graphics are really quite beautiful.

Along the way, you will gain Nanos - which are miniatures of Cartoon Network characters and assist you in your battles.

The game is strictly PvE and you gain experience only by performing quests, not by killing monsters, although most quests are kill quests.

Is it fun? Well, are you a kid mad for the Cartoon Network world?

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The Week that Was
Monday, March 2
Star Trek Online - Early Impressions

Tuesday, March 3
Lord of the Rings Online - Book 7 Q&A

Wednesday, March 4
Warhammer Online - Impressions of 1.2 - Map, Groups and Rally Calls

Thursday, March 5
World of Warcraft - Dual Spec Overview

Friday, March 6
Lineage II - Looking at Gracia
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