Issue 552
September 18th, 2016
On Wednesday, September 28th, Riders of Icarus players will get a big new update in the form of Rift of the Damned. New content includes a new dungeon, cool new mounts, the Realm of Twilight zone, and new quests all alongside an increased level cap to 40.
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The Marvel Heroes Online site has been updated with big news that a series of updates will be incoming that will update every Hero, every character build, including power points to include meaningful choices; revamping talents so that every Hero will have five sets; Heroes to be given both Defensive, Offensive and some with a Mechanic traits; Hero balance to improve the health of the game and much, much more.
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World of Warcraft just launched its latest expansion, Legion, but that didn't stop Blizzard from securing a huge booth at Seattle's PAX West and drawing in everyone with the promise of Illidan-themed Pinny Arcade pins. As the internet (and us too) is touting Legion as WoW's best expansion since Wrath of the Lich King, we sat down with Blizzard's Luis Barriga, Eric Maloof, and Cory Stockton to chat about the upcoming 7.1 patch, and the team's, plans for content into 2017.
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ArenaNet and the Guild Wars 2 team have released a new teaser trailer for Living World Episode 2 "Rising Flames" that heralds the arrival of the next chapter in Tyria's story. Rising Flames is set to go live on Tuesday, September 20th.
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The MMO genre is the one that I play the most and the one I predominantly choose to write about. What has become apparent however, certainly over the last year and irrespective of which MMO website I choose to read, is the sense that massively multiplayer games are no longer the golden goose for developers. In fact, there's a growing sense that they're largely finished; the lack of upcoming AAA MMO's combined with the rise of the MOBA is testament to that.
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Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a turn-based tactical strategy MMO from publisher ToHeroes and developer Desert Owl Games. Side with one of four races battling to control the galaxy, then select and command an advanced spacecraft to help conquer the cosmos one planet at a time. Even with dominant forces, tense battles for control of the entire universe can rage on for months.

Set in 2190, Space Wars is the epic story of a four-sided conflict between the Sol Imperial Worlds, Genari United Empires, Ma'Alaketh Confederation and The Hive. Each race's playstyle calls for distinct strategies. No group is inherently evil, but all strive for more power to ensure the survival of their species.

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