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Issue 199, September 28, 2009
In the news
NCsoft finally launched Aion in North America. Their first launch since they reshuffled the North American operations hopes to reverse a recent string of setbacks for the company.

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Fallen Earth also launched last Monday. The skill-based post-apocalyptic MMORPG from Icarus Studios is the first game they've launched and uses their Icarus Platform.

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Fans of the upcoming SquareEnix MMO Final Fantasy XIV got a treat last week when the company put out a new trailer for the game. The footage came out during the Tokyo Game Show and we have it.

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Champions Online:'s Review
Our own Michael Bitton got in deep and reviewed Cryptic Studio's new superhero MMORPG Champions Online. What he found was a solid, yet somewhat incomplete experience. He scored it 7.5 out of 10. Here is an excerpt:

"Champions Online is Cryptic Studios' sophomore effort on the MMOG scene, and is the first AAA superhero MMOG to appear since the company birthed City of Heroes over five years ago. Times were different then, Cryptic Studios was a small company, and World of Warcraft hadn't even made its splash on the genre yet. With that said, have all the years and experience behind the company paid off in the form of a true next-generation superhero MMOG? Or do we have something truly villainous on our hands?"

You can read the full review here.

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New Columnist: Jaime Skelton
New columnist Jaime Skelton joins the line-up with a mission to vocalize the player's perspective. In her debut article, she looks at how players can get their voices heard by the people who make the games they love. A snippet:

"So it should come as no surprise that these days, it seems like every MMO player is a critic. If you work a job twenty hours a week, every week, sooner or later you're going to learn the infrastructure of the business, decide what you like and what you don't, and develop opinions on what could be better, and what clearly doesn't work. While you may not share those opinions with your boss, you're bound to share those opinions with friends or family."

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One of the most eagerly anticipated North American MMO launches in quite some time, Aion finally hit shelves on September 22nd.

Originally developed for the Korean market, Aion features a highly stylized good vs. evil dynamic. One side plays as the angelic Elyos, the other as the demonic Asmodians. The two sides are locked in an eternal struggle.

Aion is the latest MMO launch to employ PvP as a central part of its end-game. For them, it's called PvPvE. This is because a third faction, composed exclusively of NPCs, balances out the eternal battle for the Abyss.

While North Americans just got to dig in this week, last fall NCsoft put Aion out in South Korea where it has been both a critical and commercial success.

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