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Issue 252, September 27, 2010
In the news
Incursion, the latest free expansion to be announced for EVE Online is slated for a November release.

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This week, brought you exclusive video of the TERA demo shown to the press at this year's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.

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Pre-order details for the latest EverQuest expansion, House of Thule, were revealed this week.

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Star Trek Online Re-Review's Patrick Gerard takes a new look at Star Trek Online seven months after the game's release. See what he discovered in our re-review of STO.

This is a Federation centric game which is doing an increasingly admirable job of reflecting the shows but looking for life outside the Federation as anything but a novelty will never satisfy you. The developers have conceded that it would be impossible to create equal content for all factions and are largely banking on faction-neutral content and the upcoming user generated content system to occupy Klingons and other factions down the road.

If you absolutely feel compelled to play a Klingon, understand that the factions are not split along an even dichotomy like Alliance and Horde and that non-Federation factions are simply content-light novelties with few gameplay distinctions. Having a Klingon at max level is a gimmick-y bragging piece earned through content grinding, like riding a rare mount in a fantasy MMO.

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TERA: The Post-PAX Q&A and Video's Garrett Fuller recently had the chance to sit down with TERA Production Associate Scott James Magner to talk about the game and to score a few answers to questions that have cropped up since PAX a few weeks ago. The two covered topics ranging from PvP to the action-combat system to what's in store for developers this fall.

TERA has an amazing PvP system, which we believe will satisfy and excite all kinds of gamers. Depending on their location in the game, players (and their characters, of course) can initiate friendly duels, outright PK, or arrange mass battles with up to 20 players. There's even an "iron man deathmatch" option in which one player can face off against up to 10 opponents! We are also actively exploring options for both PvE and PvP exclusive realms, as well as cross-server battlegrounds and end-game content.

- Scott James Magner, Production Associate

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This week's Game of the Week is one of the most frequently brought up games on our forums. Its launch propelled the name of an independent Virginia based development studio into the eye of the entire MMO industry.

If you haven't guessed by now, this week's Game of the Week is Dark age of Camelot, originally launched by Mythic Entertainment back in 2001. The game defined the now-trademarked Realm vs. Realm game design, and gave players a taste of what a game designed around faction based PvP could really be like.

Since the release of this game, Mythic as a studio has produced one and a half other titles. The first, a space-based alternate reality MMO called Imperator, was cancelled on the design room floor and the second, Warhammer Online, struggles to remain relevant among today's active MMO field.

Neither of those two titles managed to capture the practical and critical acclaim reached by the company's first title, but some still hold out hope that so long as EA keeps their Mythic branded studio alive that a Dark Age of Camelot 2 might be in the works, brining what is considered a classic game up to date with more recent titles.

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The Week that Was
Monday, September 20
Free Zone: Clone Wars Enters MMOG Wars

Tuesday, September 21
PAX Prime 2010

Wednesday, September 22
Rift: Planes of Telara: PAX Prime Hands-On

Thursday, September 23
Fallen Earth: Expansion Preview

Friday, September 24
DDO: PAX Update
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