Issue 505
September 13th, 2015
After two days downtime to merge servers and bring the Heroes Awaken update online, ArcheAge will be back in service on Saturday, September 12th. The new content brings the Hero System, guild progressions, new housing specializations and much more on board.
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The Otherland Online team has posted a great new video to get players hyped for today's commencement of the early access program via Steam. Early access packages are available from $19.99 up to $49.99 with various in-game perks included.
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Mad Max, from Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche Studios is very obviously a labor of love for both companies. It's got the lore hooks from the films, it nails the tone and look of Miller's recent film, and it's also got some of the best car-based combat in games today. But it's where the open world RPG-lite tries to do too much that it falters. It's a very competent game, and unlike other recent WBI releases, the PC port from Agora Games runs like an absolute dream and plays well on the keyboard. But that doesn't save it from the problem a lot of open world games run into: heavy-handed content bloat.
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Fans looking to get immersed in the first game based on the new Star Wars canon can do so thanks to Kabam launching Star Wars: Uprising a day ahead of schedule. Originally slated to launch tomorrow, Kabam has surprised SW fans with today's release.
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World of Darkness was an MMORPG that so many hung their hopes upon. For a vast many reasons, it never came to be. But that hasn't stopped a group of the macabre setting's fans from making their own supernatural horror MMORPG. Enter, Project Dogmat. We caught up with the indie MMO's design team ahead of their upcoming Kickstarter to talk about the game, its design goals, and what CCP has to say about the project.
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Necropolis is an action-oriented roguelike set in a huge dungeon where you will quite probably die. The gameplay is centered in and around a trap of a tower where everything is procedually generated, and you're there to survive as long as possible while taking on the inhabitants of the treasure-rich dungeon. Each playthrough is unique, skill-based, and the system will even change as the player makes way through the magic shifting tower.
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